Robot Vacuum Cleaners Getting Smarter

Robot vacuum cleaners getting smarterNew robotic vacuum cleaners are being launched one after another, offering greater convenience and reliability for consumers. When buying one, it’s wise to consider which models are better suited to particular household conditions and circumstances.

Ushio Releases Sterilization/deodorization Device Using Vacuum Ultraviolet Light

Ushio Releases Sterilization/deodorization Device Using Vacuum Ultraviolet LightUshio Inc will release a new product that sterilizes and deodorizes space by using ozone and is equipped with a mercury-free lamp Dec 1, 2016.
Compared with its previous product using ultraviolet light, Ushio improved ozone production capability by about 900% by using vacuum ultraviolet light for the new product, "XeFIria."

Toyota Sienna, Highlander To Feature On-board Vacuum Cleaners

Toyota Sienna, Highlander To Feature On-Board Vacuum CleanersThe Toyota Sienna and Highlander are both getting a family friendly new feature: on-board vacuum cleaners.
Taking a page from the Honda Odyssey minivan’s playbook, Toyota is adding an on-board vacuum starting this spring with the Sienna getting the option this month and the Highlander getting it in April.

Panasonic Rulo Mc-rs1 Triangular Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic Rulo MC-RS1 triangular vacuum cleanerPanasonic has introduced their smart cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner and have christened it, Rulo MC-RS1. The first triangular robotic vacuum cleaner in the market, the Rulo gives a new twist to the idea of a round vacuum cleaner that was characterized by the popular Roomba.

Tepco Using 'giant Vacuum Cleaner' To Remove Debris At Crippled Plant

TEPCO using 'giant vacuum cleaner' to remove debris at crippled plantTokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has begun using a giant vacuum cleaner-like device to collect and remove debris from the No. 1 reactor building at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant.
In October this year, work finished to remove cover panels that were installed over the building after the disaster.

Sharp Industrial Robot Vacuum Cleaner Rv-380ix

Sharp industrial robot vacuum cleaner RcDC (Earl Sea Dee Sea) RV-380iXSharp announced the commercial release of its new industrial robot vacuum cleaner RV-380iX on September 28. Price is 1.8 million yen (excluding tax).
Equipped with a sensor, the robot measures the size and shape of the facility area and builds a map for cleaning up.