Alfonsino Fish Confit With Veggie Bouquet A Dream Come True

Alfonsino fish confit with veggie bouquet a dream come true

The fish cooked slowly in low-temperature oil is served on the plate like a spring bouquet with vegetables that vary in aroma and texture.

"Confit of splendid alfonsino with seasonal vegetables" is a dish that mirrors the spirit of Tadashi Michino, whose career spans 40 years. The 64-year-old is the chef of Michino Le Tourbillon, a French restaurant in Osaka.

Salt Is Key In Sumptuous Twist On Single-veggie Stir-fry

Salt is key in sumptuous twist on single-veggie stir-fry

For the last 10 years Midori Takahashi has been spending two days a week in her husband's hometown. When the "food stylist" began visiting Kuroiso in Tochigi Prefecture, she fell in love with a warehouse with a nostalgic feel close to the station.

She felt the town could do with a little more vibrancy, so she and her husband renovated the warehouse and opened the antique shop Tamiser Kuroiso in 2009. They hoped it might attract a few more people to the area.

Fundamental Veggie Recipes With Roots In Dishes Eaten At Home

Simple veggie equations with roots in dishes eaten at home

The octogenarian Masaru Kobayashi transformed into an assistant to his young lady in-law, and ace cook, Masami Kobayashi, when he was 70.

He proceeded to appropriate his own specific cookbook when he was 78. An extensive parcel of his recipes have builds up in the dishes he ate at home.

"farm Domes" Pave Way For Veggie Production On New Level

"Farm Domes" pave way for veggie production on new levelFor years, Katsuyuki Kitagawa dreamed of living in a comfortable home in the shape of a dome-shaped manju dumpling, minus the bean paste.
For over a decade, his company Japan Dome House Co., based in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan, has come about as close to that realization as possible with the construction of a dome house made of next-generation polystyrene foam with various applications.