Supreme Court Backs Tsunami Victims' Compensation

Supreme Court backs tsunami victims' compensation

Japan's Supreme Court has upheld a high court ruling that ordered local governments to compensate the families of children who died in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Seventy-four students at Okawa Elementary School in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, lost their lives in the tsunami. The families of 23 of the children filed a lawsuit against the city and prefecture in 2014, demanding about 21 million dollars in damages.

Attacker Pinpointed Victim's Home From Eye Image

Attacker pinpointed victim's home from eye image

A man who attacked a woman working as a so-called idol reportedly located her home by using an image reflected in her eyes in a photo on social media.

Twenty-six-year-old Hibiki Sato was indicted on Tuesday for attacking the woman in her 20s.

Remembering The Victims In Hokkaido Quake

Remembering the victims in Hokkaido quake

People in Japan's northern prefecture of Hokkaido are remembering the victims of a powerful earthquake that struck one year ago. Forty-four people died as a result of the quake and hundreds still remain in temporary housing.

Officials in Atsuma, the town hit hardest by the quake, paused at noon for a moment of silence.

Altar For Kyoto Arson Victims To Be Removed

Altar for Kyoto arson victims to be removed

Many people are visiting the site of last month's arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio on Sunday, ahead of the removal of an altar.

Mourners are visiting the altar to pray for the dead and injured, as well as leave flowers and other offerings.

Victims Of Japan's Worst Air Disaster Remembered

Victims of Japan's worst air disaster remembered

A ceremony to remember the victims of Japan's worst air disaster took place on Monday, the 34th anniversary of the tragedy.

A Japan Airlines Boeing 747 jumbo jet bound for Osaka from Tokyo crashed into a mountain in Gunma Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, on August 12, 1985. The accident left 520 people dead.

1985 Jet Crash Victims Remembered

1985 jet crash victims remembered

Bereaved relatives of the victims of Japan's worst air disaster are making their annual visit to the crash site on a mountain north of Tokyo on the 34th anniversary of the accident.

The families and other mourners are hiking up Osutaka Ridge in Gunma Prefecture on Monday.

Nagasaki Remembers Atomic Bomb Victims

Nagasaki remembers atomic bomb victims

People in Japan are remembering the atomic bombing of the city of Nagasaki during World War Two. Over the past 74 years, the city has come to symbolize loss, resilience and hope. In a ceremony, politicians and survivors called on people around the globe to do more to ensure the world never again experiences a nuclear tragedy.

From early in the morning, people came out to the Peace Park to remember the dead and share their wishes for peace.

Media Shown Arson Attack Victim's College Work

Media shown arson attack victim's college work

Art work by one of the victims of the Kyoto Animation arson attack has been shown to the media at his university.

Yuki Omura, who was 23, died in the fire at the animation studio in Kyoto last month. He had joined the company after graduating from the Faculty of Art and Design at Tokoha University in Shizuoka City in March.

Names Of 10 Of Kyoto Animation Victims Released

Names of 10 of Kyoto Animation victims released

The Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters have released the names of ten of the 35 victims who died in the arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio last month.

Police investigators have identified all the victims of the July 18 attack, but the headquarters had withheld the information until now.

Mourners Continue After Release Of Victims' Names

Mourners continue after release of victims' names

Mourners continue to visit the site of last month's arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio after police released the names of 10 of the 35 victims.

A university student came to lay flowers after learning that one of the victims was Futoshi Nishiya.

Arson Victims Remembered At 'pilgrimage' Site

Arson victims remembered at 'pilgrimage' site

Anime fans have carried a special portable shrine as part of a festival near Tokyo to remember the victims of the deadly Kyoto Animation studio fire on July 18.

Fifty-eight men and women from across Japan gathered at Washinomiya Shrine in the city of Kuki, Saitama Prefecture, on Sunday.

Prayers Continue For Kyoto Anime Studio Victims

Prayers continue for Kyoto anime studio victims

Many people have gathered to offer prayers to the victims of the Kyoto Animation studio fire and to leave flowers on an altar set up near the building that was set ablaze on July 18.

It's the second weekend since the fatal arson attack, which killed 34 people and injured 34 others in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto.

Anime Fans Mourn Victims Of Kyoto Arson Attack

Anime fans mourn victims of Kyoto arson attack

Anime fans from around the world continue to visit Kyoto to mourn the victims of the arson attack on a renowned animation studio one week ago.

Thirty-four people were killed and 34 others were injured after a man spread gasoline and set fire to a Kyoto Animation studio.