Ministry To Survey Wagyu Egg Management

Ministry to survey wagyu egg management

Japan's agriculture ministry will conduct a survey to check whether the fertilized eggs of premium wagyu beef cattle are properly managed in the country. It will be the first such survey aimed at preventing them from being illegally taken to other countries.

The export of eggs and sperm of the cattle is prohibited under the domestic animal infectious diseases control act. But there have been concerns over them being exported illegally.

'mingei'-style Miso-flavored Curry With Wagyu Beef

'Mingei'-style miso-flavored curry with wagyu beef

Although he was a fast runner, Ichiro Abe failed in his quest to make the Olympic track and field team, and he later ran into business-related debt problems.

But now, for 20 years, he has run Takumi Kappo, a regional-cuisine restaurant that was opened as part of the "mingei" (folk craft) movement in Tottori.

Eu To Lift Ban On Wagyu Imports This Spring

EU to lift ban on Wagyu imports this springThe European Union has decided to lift its ban on Japanese beef imports, paving the way for Japan's trademark Wagyu brand to reach European shores.

The European Commission's food safety panel on Wednesday agreed to allow imports of Japanese beef and beef products to its member nations.