Ordinance On Eating While Walking In Kamakura

Ordinance on eating while walking in Kamakura

Kamakura, a coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture south of Tokyo, is calling on tourists to refrain from eating while walking in crowded places in the city.

More than 20 million tourists visit Kamakura every year.

The Walking Dead's Negan Coming To Tekken 7

The Walking Dead's Negan Coming To Tekken 7

From time to time we see crossovers from movies to video games. For those who are fans of AMC's The Walking Dead (or the comics), you might be very interested to learn that The Walking Dead's most famous (and deadly) antagonist Negan will actually be smashing his way into Tekken 7.

This is part of Tekken 7's Season 2 pass in which along with Negan, both Anna Williams and Lei Wulong will also be added to the game. It should be noted that both Anna Williams and Lei Wulong have debuted in previous Tekken titles in the past, so it's good to see that they will continue to make their appearances in the franchise.

Iot-based System Makes Stair Walking Fun

IoT-based System Makes Stair Walking Fun

Takenaka Corp and Hakuhodo Inc started to develop an IoT (Internet of Things)-based system for promoting the use of stairs in office buildings.

They plan to commercialize the system in 2019. The system uses wireless tags for identifying each individual and projects video suited for each person on the walls of a staircase. It is aimed at eliminating office workers' lack of exercise and preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

Ecotourism Dream: Walking In A Natural Forest Untouched For Nearly 100 Years

Ecotourism dream: Walking in a natural forest untouched for nearly 100 yearsPristine forest is hard to find in overcrowded Japan, but there is one area that has been untouched for nearly 100 years.
It lies along the Yuragawa river that flows into Wakasa Bay in the Sea of Japan and starts in the mountainous Miyamacho district of Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture.
In 1921, Kyoto University leased about 4,200 hectares of forest for research and practical work in the area which borders Fukui and Shiga prefectures.

Sony : The Walking Dead Pinball Out Today

Sony : The Walking Dead Pinball Out TodayIt’s finally here! Today you can download the highly anticipated pinball table based on The Walking Dead by Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman for Zen Pinball 2 on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita!
Featuring voice work from the cast of the first season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, as well as art from the game, you’ll relive key moments and make choices throughout each of Season One’s five episodes.