Renault Wants To Merge With Nissan, Then Go After Fiat Chrysler

Renault wants to merge with Nissan, then go after Fiat Chrysler

The late Sergio Marchionne used to say consolidation would be the only way to compete against the biggest global carmakers. The company looks certain to fulfill that goal, but perhaps not in the way he intended. The Financial Times reports that Renault wants to begin merger talks with Nissan in the next 12 months. Assuming a merger gets completed, the plan is for the combined company to then pursue another merger, with Fiat Chrysler a prime target.

Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi have been busy since cutting ties with ex-alliance boss Carlos Ghosn. They formed a new alliance board with Renault chairman Jean-Dominique Senard at the helm, Renault has shrunk the size of its board while Nissan added more outside directors, and the two agreed to a new governance structure to ease operational decision making. All three automakers have walked away from Ghosn-era goals to sell 14 million cars and find 10 billion euros in savings by 2022. New strategic plans for all three car companies are in the works.

Abe Wants Apology For Speaker's Remark

Abe wants apology for speaker's remark

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he will keep seeking an apology and retraction of a remark by the speaker of South Korea's National Assembly on the issue of those referred to as comfort women.

Moon Hee-sang suggested last week that the issue would be resolved if the Emperor apologized before abdicating. He also suggested Abe could apologize.

Sharp Reportedly Wants In On Producing Oleds For Apple's Iphones

Sharp Reportedly Wants In On Producing OLEDs For Apple's iPhones

Being chosen as a supplier for Apple is a huge deal. Given how many millions of products the company sells, it also means that orders for companies are in the millions as well, which in turn means a lot of money. So far Samsung has been more or less monopolizing the OLED production for Apple’s iPhones, but it seems that Sharp wants a piece of that pie as well.

In a report from DigiTimes, it appears that Sharp is seeking to enter the supply chain and supply OLEDs to Apple for future iPhones. The company has reportedly rolled out its OLED panel line that has been designed for smartphones in mind in hopes of proving that they have the tech and facilities to help meet Apple’s needs.

Pioneer Wants To Turn Your Smartphone Into An In-dash Car Display

Pioneer Wants To Turn Your Smartphone Into An In-Dash Car Display

#CES2019 – If you are buying a new car, you might be given the option to choose an infotainment system that will support Android Auto or CarPlay. If you aren’t buying a new car but want those features, there are some aftermarket options to check out. However if you think that those are still a bit too pricey, maybe Pioneer could have something for you.

At CES 2019, the company announced a new device called the SPH-10BT Smart Sync in-dash receiver. This will basically take your smartphone and turn it into an in-dash car display that will use the Pioneer Smart Sync Driving system. This means that it won’t be Android Auto or CarPlay, but at the same time it will leverage the use of your phone which should help cut down on costs.