Search For Civilian Ships Sunk In Wartime Begins

Search for civilian ships sunk in wartime begins

Japanese university researchers have begun searching for 4 civilian ships that were sunk by US attacks in the East China Sea during World War Two.

A team from Kyushu Institute of Technology arrived on Friday night at the site of where one of the wrecks is thought to be located.

Granddaughter's Film Documents Wartime Woes Of Italians In Japan

Granddaughter's film documents wartime woes of Italians in Japan

A granddaughter of an Italian anthropologist who was detained at Japanese prison camps with his family has completed a documentary about their wartime ordeal.

Mujah Maraini-Melehi, the 46-year-old director of "Haiku on a Plum Tree," said she is now seeking a distributor for the 74-minute film.

Lisa's In And Around Tokyo: Noborito--home To Wartime Balloon Bombs, Counterfeit Cash

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: Noborito--Home to wartime balloon bombs, counterfeit cash

I looked at the old sakura tree near the defunct Imperial Japanese Army Noborito Laboratory Museum for Education in Peace and thought about the person who long ago planted that tree.

Who was he, and what was going through his mind? Could the person be a she? Either way, that person is probably no longer with us. That tree, however, that has seen so much, continues to witness all that we do or don't do, and through the seasons, stands there, just being.

Imperial Navy Vet Feels Pressure To Keep Quiet About Wartime Experiences

Imperial Navy vet feels pressure to keep quiet about wartime experiencesKuniyoshi Takimoto, now 94, was almost killed during the Battle of Midway in June 1942. A mechanic aboard the Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Hiryu, he was wounded in the shoulder after bombs from American Dauntless dive bombers ripped into the flight deck and sparked fires in the hangar bay below. The fires spread, the ship was abandoned, and sank the next morning -- one of four Japanese fleet carriers lost in the battle.

Tokyo Court Rules On Wartime Police Torture Case

Tokyo court rules on wartime police torture caseA Japanese court says the torture of suspects by wartime law enforcement authorities was illegal even under the old public security law. But the court rejected a demand for compensation.
About 60 people, including magazine editors, were arrested between 1942 and 1945 on charges of advocating communism and violating the now-defunct peace preservation law.

U.s. Couple Thank Support That Jews Received In Kobe During Wartime Exodus

U.S. couple thank support that Jews received in Kobe during wartime exodusA Jewish American couple has visited this port city to thank the daughter of a Christian minister who helped Jews fleeing Nazi persecution during World War II.
Sy Stadtmauer, 72, and his 71-year-old wife, Joann, followed the trail of their ancestors who escaped the Holocaust more than 70 years ago, to Japan. They expressed their gratitude to Atsuko Tsutsui, the 91-year-old daughter of Genpachi Saito, and others on Oct. 27.

A Wartime Trip Down Memory Lane For An American Tracing His Roots

A wartime trip down memory lane for an American tracing his rootsRalph Neal, the nephew of a U.S. airman shot down over Japan in World War II, visited a memorial here Aug. 4 near the crash site where his uncle's plane went down.
For Neal, 58, who shares the same name as the relative he never met, it was an emotional occasion. His uncle survived the crash, was taken to Hiroshima and died as a result of the atomic bombing that occurred days later.

Dutch Children Of Wartime Liaisons With Japanese Search For Their Roots

Dutch children of wartime liaisons with Japanese search for their rootsHiroshy de Winter was born in the Dutch East Indies as a result of the wartime Japanese occupation.
Raised by his single Dutch mother in the Netherlands after the war, de Winter, 68, always knew he had a Japanese father. But it was after his mother died that he learned he also had a half-brother in Japan. That was the spark that took him to Japan to meet his younger sibling and his father for the first time.