Heavy Rain Could Cause Decontamination Waste Leak

Heavy rain could cause decontamination waste leak

Japan's Environment Ministry says waste produced by decontamination work following the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant accident could leak at 12 locations in case of torrential rain.

The ministry checked all the sites where the waste is kept after 91 bags were swept into rivers in Fukushima and Tochigi prefectures last year due to downpours caused by Typhoon Hagibis.

Wsj: Japanese Firm Allegedly Dumped Us Navy Waste

WSJ: Japanese firm allegedly dumped US Navy waste

A major US newspaper says a Japanese contractor hired by the US Navy is under investigation for possibly dumping wastewater from American warships into Japanese harbors. The Japanese firm denies the allegations.

The Wall Street Journal reported, citing related sources, that the Navy began the investigation in March last year. It said the US Justice Department and the FBI later joined the probe.

91 Bags Of Radioactive Waste Swept Into Rivers

91 bags of radioactive waste swept into rivers

Japan's Environment Ministry says dozens of bags containing radioactive soil were swept into rivers following a powerful typhoon last month. The dangerous waste was produced as a result of the 2011 nuclear disaster.

The waste has been stockpiled at temporary storage sites in Fukushima and neighboring prefectures.

Japanese Team To Research Deep-sea Plastic Waste

Japanese team to research deep-sea plastic waste

A Japanese national research institute says it will launch a major research project on how plastic waste is contaminating the ocean depths and affecting the ecosystem.

The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology set up a group in April to study marine pollution caused by plastic waste.

Plastic Waste For 2020 Games Medal Podiums

Plastic waste for 2020 Games medal podiums

The organizers of next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics say they plan to make the medal-ceremony podiums out of plastic waste.

The organizing committee announced the environmentally friendly plan on Tuesday.

Plastic Waste Piling Up At Some Disposal Firms

Plastic waste piling up at some disposal firms

A Japanese government survey suggests that the amount of plastic waste held at waste disposal operators has been increasing at some cities since China banned imports in 2017.

The Environment Ministry in March surveyed industrial waste disposal companies and local governments across Japan which oversee those firms.

Shipments Of Plastic Waste To China Fall Sharply

Shipments of plastic waste to China fall sharply

The world's two top exporters of plastic waste, the United States and Japan, are struggling with the problem of its disposal after China stopped accepting the material.

A US recycling industry group says the United States has been the top exporter of plastic waste over the past decade, and 30 to 40 percent of this type of garbage was shipped to China.

Nuclear Waste Briefings In Coastal Areas

Nuclear waste briefings in coastal areas

Japanese energy agency officials say they will continue to hold public briefing sessions on the disposal of highly radioactive nuclear waste.

The government last year released a map showing which parts of the country may be scientifically suited to hosting an underground disposal site.

Ministry Admits To Inflating Waste Disposal Cost

Ministry admits to inflating waste disposal cost

Japan's Finance Ministry has admitted that its local bureau asked to pad the waste removal cost in a land deal in an alleged favoritism scandal.

It revealed this at a Lower House committee meeting on Monday in connection with the sale of state-owned land to school operator Moritomo Gakuen at a fraction of market value.