Buruzon Chiemi To Leave Watanabe Entertainment

Buruzon Chiemi to leave Watanabe Entertainment

It's been announced that comedian Buruzon Chiemi will be leaving Watanabe Entertainment on March 31. 

On March 18, Buruzon revealed on Instagram, "I will be leaving Watanabe Entertainment, who has taken care of me over the past 4 years. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to everyone at the office who supported me as Buruzon Chiemi." She continued, "From now on, as 'Fujiwara Shiori,' my real name, I will listen to my heart and live by my instincts.

Naomi Watanabe Promotes Olympic Ticket Application

Naomi Watanabe promotes Olympic ticket application

Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe has attended an event in Tokyo to promote the start of online applications for tickets to the 2020 Olympics.

The application period for the Tokyo games began on 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Watanabe Miyuki To Release First Solo Album

Watanabe Miyuki to release first solo album

Watanabe Miyuki will release her first solo album "17%" on April 3 from Warner Music Japan's CENTRO's new label etichetta. 

The album will consist of 12 tracks including "WINTER LOVE ~Watashi no Yeah Yeah~" and "Yuugure Sentimental," written and composed by Tsunku♂, and "Ringo Uruwashi Minori no Kisetsu," composed by Mizuno Yoshiki (Ikimonogakari). Watanabe commented, "I am very happy to present my first album to everyone. It's all thanks to everyone who always cheer me on. Thank you very much. This year, I learned a lot by studying abroad for language and dance. I hope you will be able to see that I've matured a bit.

Watanabe Miyuki To Hold A Christmas Live

Watanabe Miyuki to hold a Christmas live

Watanabe Miyuki will hold a Christmas live called 'Watanabe Miyuki Christmas Premium Live 2018' on December 25 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. 

Watanabe made this announcement on September 19 at during her one-man live '1st LIVE TOUR 2018  ~Milky Land dayo ne~' at Zepp Tokyo. "The next time I will see you is Christmas," she commented.

Former Nmb48's Watanabe Miyuki Resumes Her Showbiz Work

Former NMB48's Watanabe Miyuki resumes her showbiz work

Former NMB48 member Watanabe Miyuki has resumed her activities in showbiz. 

Watanabe graduated from the group in July of 2016. She will be holding a concert series titled '1st LIVE TOUR 2018 ~Milky Land dayo ne~' on September 19 at Zepp Tokyo and September 21 at Namba Hatch. On Twitter, she wrote, "On 9/19 at Zepp Tokyo and 9/21 at Namba Hatch! A new song also! Please look forward to it. I'm excited to meeting everyone soon. I am full of gratitude for everyone who waited for me and the staff.

Naomi Watanabe On Time List Of Influential Figures

Naomi Watanabe on Time list of influential figures

Japanese comedian and fashion designer Naomi Watanabe has been chosen by US weekly Time magazine as one of its 25 most influential people on the internet in 2018.

The annual list released Thursday has been compiled since 2015. It rates people by their impact on social media and their ability to drive news.

Watanabe Ken And Minami Kaho Finalize Their Divorce

Watanabe Ken and Minami Kaho finalize their divorce

On May 17, actor Watanabe Ken (58) announced that he and actress Minami Kaho (54) have divorced. 

In a fax statement to the media, Watanabe's agency said, "This is an announcement regarding our agency's Watanabe Ken. We would like to announce that divorce has been finalized between actress Minami Kaho-san and Watanabe."

The Full Pv For Watanabe Mayu's Graduation Song Revealed

The full PV for Watanabe Mayu's graduation song revealed

The full PV for AKB48's song "11-gatsu no Anklet" has been revealed via YouTube. 

This was the title track to Watanabe Mayu's graduation single that was released last November. Directed by Hirano Fumiko, the PV focuses on Watanabe's natural expressions. A highlight of the video comes toward the end, where Watanabe and the other members run in the heavy rain. 

Watanabe Mayu Launches Instagram Account

Watanabe Mayu launches Instagram account

Watanabe Mayu has launched her own Instagram account (@watanabemayu_official). 

In related news, Watanabe was selected to play the lead role in the musical 'Amélie.' From May 18 to June 3, it will be shown at The Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo, then from June 7 to 10 at Morinomiya Piloti Hall in Osaka. 

Watanabe Mayu To Hold Mini Tour On Album Release Day

Watanabe Mayu to hold mini tour on album release day

On December 20, Watanabe Mayu will hold a mini tour stopping at Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

This mini tour will be held to commemorate the release of her first solo album "Best Regards!" At each venue, she will hold a talk session and mini live as well as a raffle to win an autographed poster. Those who purchase the album at these venues will be able to participate in the raffle.

Watanabe Mayu To Hold Solo Live To Commemorate Album Release

Watanabe Mayu to hold solo live to commemorate album release

Watanabe Mayu, who is scheduled to graduate from AKB48 at the end of the year, will release her first solo album "Best Regards!" on December 20. To commemorate its release, she will hold a solo live on February 17.

The last time Watanabe held a solo live was over two years ago in September of 2015 on a cruise ship in Yokohama Minato Mirai. The day after her live, she will also hold an event titled 'Doki Doki Otanoshimikai' somewhere in Tokyo. More details will be enclosed in the upcoming album.

Details On Watanabe Mayu's Solo Album Revealed

Details on Watanabe Mayu's solo album revealed

Previously, it was reported that Watanabe Mayu would be releasing her first solo album on December 20. The title of this album has been determined to be "Best Regards!", and its details have now been unveiled. 

The album will be released in three types: Complete Production Editions A & B, and Regular Edition. Each type will include 14 tracks, but four of them will be different depending on the type.

Watanabe Mayu To Release Solo Album At The End Of The Year

Watanabe Mayu to release solo album at the end of the year

Watanabe Mayu, who is scheduled to graduate from AKB48 at the end of the year, will be releasing a solo album (currently untitled) on December 20.

This announcement was made on October 31 during Watanabe's graduation concert at Saitama Super Arena. Watanabe exclaimed, "My first solo album release has been confirmed!" Kashiwagi Yuki, who was standing next to her during the announcement, responded, "I want it! I will buy three!"

Akb48 Reveal Short Pv For Watanabe Mayu's Last Single

AKB48 reveal short PV for Watanabe Mayu's last single

AKB48 have revealed the short PV for their new single "11-gatsu no Anklet" that's slated for release on November 22. 

The center for this single is Watanabe Mayu, who will be graduating from the group on December 31. Directed by Hirano Fumiko, the PV captures innocent expressions of the idol. The last scene, where Watanabe leads the other members in heavy rain, symbolizes how Watanabe has been a driving force, overcoming obstacles with the members during her time in AKB48. She commented, "I've loved every work that Hirano-san has been in charge of. She is an art director that I respect. I was very happy that I got to work with Hirano-san for this MV. It was like a graduation gift. I will be graduating with this single, but rather than being sad, I was able to have fun [shooting the video] in the rain.