Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika & Nagahama Neru To Release Solo Photo Books In December

Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika & Nagahama Neru to release solo photo books in December

Keyakizaka46 members Watanabe Rika and Nagahama Neru will be releasing their solo photo books in December.

They are the first members of the group to get solo photo books. Watanabe's photos were shot in Greece by Abe Chizuru. She spent 4 nights and 6 days in Greece taking various photos with the ancient ruins and Aegean Sea. It will hit store shelves on December 5.

Watanabe Mayu Will Be The Center For Akb48's 50th Single

Watanabe Mayu will be the center for AKB48's 50th single

AKB48 will release their new single (currently untitled) on November 22.

Watanabe Mayu, who will be graduating from the group at the end of the year, will serve as the center for the group's 50th single. She expressed, "This will be my last single and last song as center. I will do my best so that everyone will enjoy until the very end, and also to show the compilation of Watanabe Mayu."

Swimmer Watanabe Reveals Lower Body Training Helped Him Break World Record

Swimmer Watanabe reveals lower body training helped him break world recordSuper swimmer Ippei Watanabe -- who smashed the 200-meter breaststroke world record in Tokyo on Jan. 29 -- has revealed that improved lower body strength was a key factor behind breaking the world record.
The 19-year-old swimmer, who managed to chalk up an unprecedented time of 2 minutes and 6.67 seconds during the Kosuke Kitajima Cup at Tatsumi International Swimming Center in Tokyo, decided to work on his lower body strength following the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Takajo Aki Leaves Watanabe Entertainment

Takajo Aki leaves Watanabe EntertainmentFormer AKB48 member Takajo Aki has left Watanabe Productions in April, and will now be carrying out her activities as a free agent.
On May 1, Takajo updated her official blog and made the announcement. "In order to move forward with my life after graduating from AKB48, as a talent and as a human being, I have to see the world and grow," she commented.

Watanabe, Irie Miss Out On Medals

Watanabe, Irie miss out on medalsKanako Watanabe just missed a podium finish at the FINA Swimming World Championships on Tuesday at finishing in fourth place in the 100-meter breaststroke.
Watanabe touched the wall in 1:06.43, just 0.01 behind the third-place finisher. The swimmer who had earned the silver in the 200-meter individual medley came away empty-handed.

Rola Wants To Marry Watanabe Ken?

Rola wants to marry Watanabe Ken?Rola uploaded a photo of herself with actor Watanabe Ken onto her official Instagram account.
Rola, who has been visiting New York since the 29th, revealed that Watanabe is her ideal man. She wrote in English, "I met Ken Watanabe in New York! He always has a big heart!! I wanna marry him!!"

Watanabe Mayu Starts Using Twitter

Watanabe Mayu starts using TwitterAKB48's Watanabe Mayu has opened up her official Twitter account!
On March 6 around noon, Watanabe made her first tweet, "Nice to meet you! I'm Watanabe Mayu." Afterwards, she revealed, "I don't know how to use Twitter! Right now, I'm using it with the help of Yukirin (Kashiwagi Yuki)."

White Team Led By Watanabe Mayu Wins This Year's 'akb48 Kohaku'

White team led by Watanabe Mayu wins this year's 'AKB48 Kohaku'"The 4th AKB48 Kohaku Taikou Uta Gassen" was held at Tokyo Dome City Hall, and the white team led by Watanabe Mayu won this year.
"AKB48 Kohaku Taikou Uta Gassen" is a singing battle event held by AKB48 groups annually. The members are divided into 2 teams; red team and white team, and as a general rule, they have to perform songs other than their own songs.