Nra Allows Simplified Release Of Barrier Water

NRA allows simplified release of barrier waterJapan's nuclear regulator has allowed the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to simplify its procedure to release water from barriers around tanks holding water contaminated by radioactivity.

Water Leak At Fukushima Plant Needs To Be Tackled Urgently: Iaea Chief

Water leak at Fukushima plant needs to be tackled urgently: IAEA chiefInternational Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano said Monday that the recent leak of radioactive water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan should be tackled with urgency.
"The recent leak of contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi is a matter of high priority that needs to be addressed urgently," the IAEA chief said in his opening remarks at the 57th regular session of the agency's annual conference.

Panasonic Portable Bidet With Warm Water And Eau De Toilette!

Panasonic today announced the portable bidet- Handy DPanasonic portable bidet with warm water and Eau de Toilette!e Toilette Slim DL-P300 that can wash the buttocks comfortably in toilets where there is no warm water cleaning toilet seat in Japan. The handy device with warm water washing toilet seat type function also ejects Eau de Toilette along warm water for a comfortable, clean perfumed buttock wash.

New Photocatalyst Particle Quickly Purifies Water

New Photocatalyst Particle Quickly Purifies WaterPanasonic Corp developed a water clarification technology that detoxifies contaminants by dispersing a new photocatalyst particle in water.

It enables to quickly detoxify persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and poisonous metals contained in groundwater, etc, such as arsenic and hexavalent chromium. Panasonic expects to apply the technology to small-scale independent water purification equipment using solar light.

Panasonic Develops Highly Effective Water Purification System Using New Unique Photocatalyst

Panasonic Develops Highly Effective Water Purification System Using New Unique PhotocatalystPanasonic Corporation today announced that it has developed a highly effective water purification system using a newly developed photocatalyst. This system is capable of effective detoxification of polluted water[1] by harmful heavy metals, such as arsenic, chromium, and persistent organic matter at a reaction rate of up to 100 times that of conventional methods[2].

Stopping Leakage Of Tainted Water To Be Studied

Stopping leakage of tainted water to be studiedThe operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is struggling to come up with new ways to prevent contaminated water from leaking into the sea.

The operator learnt on Wednesday that its efforts to prevent radiation-tainted groundwater from seeping into the sea are failing.

Kyocera Water-resistant Hydro Edge Dives Onto Sprint, Boost Mobile This Month

Kyocera water-resistant Hydro Edge dives onto Sprint, Boost Mobile this monthSprint (NYSE:S) will offer the submersible Kyocera Hydro Edge beginning on Friday, July 19, and Boost Mobile will offer the device starting Tuesday, July 23, without a contract. Kyocera Hydro Edge, which can be submerged in up to 3.28 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, is part of the new Hydro series of waterproof Android smartphones and builds on the popular Kyocera Hydro, which has been a top seller at Boost Mobile since its launch in August 2012.

Introducing Sony Smartwatch 2 The World’s First Water-resistant Smartwatch With Nfc Connectivity

Introducing Sony SmartWatch 2 the world’s first water-resistant smartwatch with NFC connectivitySony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today introduces Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2, the most advanced smartwatch available*.

Sony SmartWatch 2 is a second screen for your Android smartphone that, as well as enhancing existing phone functionality, offers unique new benefits. Combining form and function in a sleek design, it serves as a multi-functional watch, notifier, Android app interface and phone remote control, all-in-one.

Calsonic Kansei Develops Water-cooling Plate For Ev/hev Batteries

Calsonic Kansei Develops Water-cooling Plate for EV/HEV BatteriesCalsonic Kansei Corp developed a cooling plate in which water flows and exhibited it at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2013.

The cooling plate is placed under an automotive battery to cool it. The plate not only extends the life of an automotive battery but reduces energy consumption by enabling to use the heat from the battery for a heating system. The company aims to commercialize the plate in 2015.