Stone Lanterns And Water Basins In Japanese Gardens

Stone lanterns and water basins in Japanese GardensJapanese stone lanterns (??? dai-d?r?, lit. platform lamp) date back to the Nara Period and the Heian Period. Originally they were located only at Buddhist temples, where they lined the paths and approaches to the temple, but in the Heian period they began to be used at Shinto shrines as well. According to tradition, during the Momoyama Period they were introduced to the tea garden by the first great tea masters, and in later gardens they were used purely for decoration.

Led Device Allows Divers To Talk Under Water

LED device allows divers to talk under waterA company in Okinawa Prefecture has developed the world's first communications device that enables divers to "talk" with one another below the surface using light signals.

Marine Comms Ryukyu Inc.'s i-MAJUN system uses a light-emitting diode flashlight and a special diving mask that facilitates underwater communication.

Water In Japanese Gardens

Water in Japanese GardensJapanese gardens always have water, either a pond or stream, or, in the dry rock garden, represented by white sand. In Buddhist symbolism, water and stone are the ying-yang, two opposites which complement and complete each other. A traditional garden will usually have an irregular-shaped pond, or, in larger gardens, two or more ponds connected by a channel or stream, and a cascade, a miniature version of Japan's famous mountain waterfalls.

National Mayor's Challenge For Water Conservation To Kick Off In Washington, D.c.

National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation to Kick Off in Washington, D.C.The Wyland Foundation and Toyota will launch the second annual National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation from the nation’s capital, with support from Mayor Vincent C. Gray and city leaders from around the country. The challenge runs April 1 - 30 and asks residents to show their commitment to conserving natural resources by taking an online pledge at The Earth Month initiative will reward residents from cities with the highest percentage of participants with hundreds of environmentally friendly prizes, including a Toyota Prius c, water-saving fixtures and gift certificates to Lowe's stores.

Teijin To Launch Water-proof Printing Paper Made Of Recycled Polyester

Teijin to Launch Water-proof Printing Paper Made of Recycled PolyesterTeijin developed printing paper that is made of polyester fiber reclaimed by a recycle technology and can be used for laser printers in collaboration with Nisshinbo Postal Chemical Co Ltd.

The printing paper, "Laser Eco Pet," is made of the company's "Eco Pet" polyester fiber, which is made from used plastic bottles. It has a higher water resistance than normal printing papers made by using pulp. And the paper is hardly torn even when it gets wet so that it can be used outside and near water.