Heat Wave Left 45 Dead In Tokyo In A Week

Heat wave left 45 dead in Tokyo in a week

As extreme heat hits Japan, Tokyo authorities say 45 people have died in the metropolitan area in the week through Wednesday due to suspected heatstroke.

Police and the Medical Examiner's Office say the victims had ages ranging from the 40s to the 90s.

Heat Wave, Heatstroke Alerts Still In Effect

Heat wave, heatstroke alerts still in effect

The mercury remained high across much of Japan on Monday. Authorities are urging people to take precautions against heatstroke as the hot weather is expected to continue.

Daytime highs reached 38.2 degrees Celsius in the city of Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. The temperature was just 38 degrees in the city of Koshu in Yamanashi Prefecture and the town of Fukusaki in Hyogo. Central Tokyo had a high of 34.9 degrees.

7 Die Amid Heat Wave In Japan

7 die amid heat wave in Japan

The severe heat wave that's gripping Japan has likely caused the deaths of at least seven people in five prefectures.

Three of the deaths were reported in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido, which is normally cooler than other parts of the country.

Unseasonable Heat Wave Likely To Continue In Japan

Unseasonable heat wave likely to continue in Japan

Japanese weather officials say the unseasonably hot weather will continue in many parts of the country on Monday.

The Meteorological Agency says the temperature reached 39.5 degrees Celsius on Sunday in Saroma Town in the country's northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, marking a national all-time high for May.

Humans Sense Earth's Magnetic Field, Brain Wave Study Indicates

Humans sense Earth's magnetic field, brain wave study indicates

Migratory birds depend on Earth's magnetic field to navigate, and now there is evidence that humans may be unconsciously in touch with it as well, research shows.

"It appears humans are subconsciously sensing geomagnetism," said Ayumu Matani, a University of Tokyo associate professor of cognitive neuro-engineering and one of the team's researchers. "Earth's magnetic field may be influencing human behavior in some way or other."

Heat Wave Continues In Central And Western Japan

Heat wave continues in central and western Japan

Regions of central and western Japan continue to swelter in a persistent heat wave, with officials warning of the dangers of heatstroke in the areas.

The thermometer hit 41 degrees Celsius in Mino city, Gifu Prefecture, on Wednesday afternoon. Gero city in the same prefecture registered 40.5 degrees.

Severe Heat Wave Continues To Grip Japan

Severe heat wave continues to grip Japan

Intense heat continues to grip Japan on Wednesday. Temperatures are soaring, especially in western and eastern Japan.

The Meteorological Agency says that by 1:30 PM, the mercury had hit 38.8 degrees Celsius in the city of Yamaguchi, 38.6 degrees in the town of Akiota in Hiroshima Prefecture, and 38.5 degrees in the city of Shimanto in Kochi Prefecture.

Deadly Heat Wave Continues In Japan

Deadly heat wave continues in Japan

Temperatures in western Japan are expected to again rise on Wednesday to dangerous levels of up to 38 degrees Celsius. Authorities are warning people to take precautions against heatstroke.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says a strong high pressure system drove temperatures up on Tuesday over wide areas of western and eastern Japan.

Scorching Heat Wave Continues In Japan

Scorching heat wave continues in Japan

A scorching heat wave continues to affect wide areas of Japan on Thursday, with temperatures expected to soar as high as 39 degrees Celsius in some places.

The Meteorological Agency says strong high-pressure systems covering western and eastern Japan are to blame for the blistering sun and soaring temperatures.

Heat Wave In Japan Hospitalizes Almost 10,000

Heat wave in Japan hospitalizes almost 10,000

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency says the soaring temperatures currently hitting Japan sent 9,956 people to hospital with heat stroke in the week ending last Sunday. Of them, 12 died.

The total number of victims was 3.7 times the number logged in the previous week, and 1.3 times that of a year earlier. Nearly half were aged 65 or older, while 3,310 were required to stay in hospitals.

Risk Of Heat Stroke Rises As Heat Wave Continues

Risk of heat stroke rises as heat wave continues

People in many parts of Japan are sweltering as temperatures have soared to nearly 40 degrees Celsius. The heatwave is likely to continue this week with the risk of heatstroke remaining high in areas including those hit by recent heavy rain.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says powerful high-pressure systems over Japan are bringing scorching weather to a wide part of the country.

Kyushu Complex Plans To Cash In On Wave Of Cruising Tourists

Kyushu complex plans to cash in on wave of cruising touristsA sprawling commercial complex opened here near Fukuoka Airport, but its target is mainly seafaring travelers.
The operator of the Kyushu International Sightseeing Square (KISS Fukuoka), one of the largest facilities of its kind in the Kyushu region, hopes to tap into the increasing number of foreign tourists taking cruise ships to and from Japan’s southernmost main island.