Lexus Escondido Dealership: Sales, Service And The Occasional Wedding

Lexus Escondido Dealership: Sales, Service and The Occasional Wedding

Automotive News has a feature on Lexus Escondido, a dealership in Southern California that has expanded into a giant 326,000-square-foot facilty:

The building catches customers’ attention with sweeping glass windows and large signs bearing logos for Lexus and Vintana, the 10,000-square-foot restaurant on the building’s second floor, overlooking the entryway.

One Ok Rock's Tomoya Announces Marriage

ONE OK ROCK's Tomoya announces marriage

ONE OK ROCK drummer Tomoya is now a married man! 

Tomoya made the big announcement via his official Instagram account. "While building a happy family, I will do my best as ONE OK ROCK's drummer! Please continue to support me," he commented. 

Japan All The Rage In Asian Craze For Snaps Before Nuptials

Japan all the rage in Asian craze for snaps before nuptials

The photos of the brides and grooms set against the backdrop of Japanese landmarks looked great, but wait--the couples haven't got hitched yet.

"Pre-wedding photography" is all the rage across Asia, where families of the betrothed set great stock in showing off snaps for guests to admire on the Big Day.

Princess Mako's Wedding Planned For Next Year: Sources

Princess Mako's wedding planned for next year: sources

The Imperial Household Agency is planning to hold Princess Mako and her university sweetheart Kei Komuro's wedding next year, sources close to the agency have revealed.

As well as deciding where the couple will live after marriage, there are many ceremonial rites that the agency and the couple must undertake before the wedding of a member of the Imperial Family, and the agency has judged that it is impossible to complete the process within the year.

How Japan Looks To The West For Wedding Inspiration

How Japan looks to the West for wedding inspiration

'Keep it traditional' or 'go Western' seems to be the decision faced by most pre-nuptial couples here in Japan, as they begin planning for the big day.  For some years now, the latter has been the popular choice.

Of the ‘Western style’ Japanese weddings that I’ve attended here, questions as to the standard of their authenticity were aimed at me throughout.  Finding it hard to give a succinct response, I’ve generally resorted to cliche; “The same but somehow different.”, “This isn’t a real chapel and he’s not a real chaplain.”,  “Have you ever seen Four Weddings and a Funeral?”.

Naka Riisa & Nakao Akiyoshi Celebrate Their 4-year Wedding Anniversary

Naka Riisa & Nakao Akiyoshi celebrate their 4-year wedding anniversary

On April 18, actress Naka Riisa and actor Nakao Akiyoshi uploaded a photo on Instagram to celebrate their 4-year wedding anniversary. 

On her photo, Naka wrote, "It has been 4 years since we married. I'm glad I married this person." Similarly, Nakao said, "4 years. It seems like just yesterday. Thank you for powerfully doing your best with child-care, household chores, and work. Thank you for always supporting me.

Ogura Yuko Announces Her Divorce On The Blog

Ogura Yuko announces her divorce on the blogOn March 6, talento Ogura Yuko (33) announced on her blog that she has divorced her hair and makeup artist husband Kikuchi Isao.
Ogura wrote, "Though this is a private matter, I would like to make an announcement that we have decided to go our separate ways. I am very thankful to him for giving me a lot of happiness, memories, and above all, our precious two sons.

Et-king's Klutch Announces Marriage

ET-KING's KLUTCH announces marriageET-KING's KLUTCH (Vo) has announced his marriage to a non-celebrity woman.
On ET-KING's official website and his blog, KLUTCH reported that they registered their marriage on February 8. He wrote, "My wife had been supporting me quietly with a smile ever since we were dating. I am still very inexperienced, but as ET-KING's KLUTCH and as a husband, I will do my best to protect the person I cherish while delivering music that will make many people happy."

Fudanjuku's Akazono Kojiro Announces Marriage & Pregnancy

Fudanjuku's Akazono Kojiro announces marriage & pregnancyFudanjuku member Akazono Kojiro (Konan Yuka) has announced that she has married a non-celebrity man and is expecting a child.
On her activities, she said, "I hope to do my best while taking care of my health until I take my leave." As scheduled, she will graduate together with Seimyouji Uramasa on March 17 at Stella Ball (Tokyo).

Matsuda Ryuhei & Ohta Rina Reported To Be Getting A Divorce

Matsuda Ryuhei & Ohta Rina reported to be getting a divorceIt's been reported that actor Matsuda Ryuhei (33) and wife, actress Ohta Rina (29), have separated and are looking to get a divorce.
In an interview with ORICON STYLE, Matsuda's agency commented, "We have heard that they are living separately." Further, they stated that they have not grasped the situation, "We have put it in his hands." Similarly, Ohta's agency said, "We leave private matters up to her."

Nakamura Aoi Announces Marriage To Non-celebrity Woman

Nakamura Aoi announces marriage to non-celebrity womanOn January 21, actor Nakamura Aoi (25) updated his official blog and announced his marriage to a non-celebrity woman.
In a blog entry titled "Announcement," Nakamura introduced his wife saying, "We have been dating for about 6 years, and she has secretly been supporting me." As the years went by, he started to "naturally think about marriage. We decided to register our marriage on the day we started dating 6 years ago, January 21."