Exile Akira And Lin Chi-ling Hold Their Wedding Ceremony

EXILE AKIRA and Lin Chi-Ling hold their wedding ceremony

EXILE AKIRA and actress Lin Chi-Ling held their wedding ceremony on November 17 in Tainan City, Taiwan. 

The two began dating after co-starring in the stage play 'Red Cliff ~Ai~' back in August of 2011, and they officially submitted their marriage registration papers in in June. They chose to hold their wedding in Tainan because it is a special place of memories for Lin Chi-Ling's grandmother and her family. About 100 people, including the couple's family and friends, were invited to the wedding. After the ceremony, they held a reception at the Tainan Art Museum where over 3,000 local fans gathered outside to congratulate the couple. 

Want An Official Pokemon-themed Wedding? Head To Japan

Want An Official Pokemon-Themed Wedding? Head To Japan

Sure, you can have a Pokemon-themed wedding anywhere you want, but if you want your union to be blessed by The Pokemon Company, you’ll have to take a trip to Japan. ESCRIT is a Japanese company which does wedding ceremonies and it has partnered up with The Pokemon Company to plan officially licensed Pokemon-themed weddings.

There’s going to be a difference in a wedding that’s planned by Pokemon fans and the work done by this company with the blessings of the company that owns the rights to these cute monsters. Anything and everything has to be approved by the licensing department of the company.

Miura Shohei & Kiritani Mirei Hold Their Wedding Reception

Miura Shohei & Kiritani Mirei hold their wedding reception

On December 23, actor Miura Shohei (30) and actress Kiritani Mirei (29) held their wedding reception at a hotel in Tokyo. 

The couple registered their marriage back in July. After the reception, they released a comment stating, "We peacefully held our wedding reception on December 23. To everyone who attended, friends, and family, thank you very much. It became a day where we once again felt that we have made it this far thanks to everyone's support.

Princess Ayako's Wedding Ceremony Held In Tokyo

Princess Ayako's wedding ceremony held in Tokyo

The wedding ceremony for Japan's Princess Ayako and company employee Kei Moriya was held on Monday at Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo.

The princess is the third and youngest daughter of the late Prince Takamado, a cousin of Emperor Akihito. Moriya works for a Japanese shipping company.

H.i.s. Cancels Wedding Tours For 260 Couples

H.I.S. cancels wedding tours for 260 couples

Japanese travel agency H.I.S. has canceled wedding package tours to Hawaii for 260 couples due to delays in venue construction.

The company says the couples had made reservations for the tours up to September of next year. The tours went on sale last December.

Princess Ayako's Wedding Date Set

Princess Ayako's wedding date set

Japan's Princess Ayako and her fiance Kei Moriya will tie the knot on October 29th at a Tokyo shrine.

The princess is the third and youngest daughter of the late Prince Takamado, who was Emperor Akihito's cousin.

Aibu Saki's Sister Otohana Yuri Announces Marriage & Hiatus

Aibu Saki's sister Otohana Yuri announces marriage & hiatus

On February 6, Aibu Saki's sister and former Takarazuka Revue's Otohana Yuri announced her marriage to a non-celebrity man. 

On Instagram, Otohana wrote, "It's a personal matter... but I registered my marriage the other day. My husband is not in the entertainment industry, he is a non-celebrity." In addition, she announced that she would be taking a break from showbiz, "With this, I have decided to take a break from stage plays and other work."

Kikuchi Ami Announces Marriage To Non-celebrity Man

Kikuchi Ami announces marriage to non-celebrity man

On February 1, talento Kikuchi Ami announced via Instagram that she has gotten married to a non-celebrity man. 

Kikuchi introduced her husband, saying, "He is a wonderful person who is full of humanity. The space we are in is very comfortable. When I thought about my future, I thought that I wanted to marry him. I love his way of life and personality. By the way, I also love his face."

Okada Yoshinori & Tabata Tomoko Tie The Knot On New Year's Day

Okada Yoshinori & Tabata Tomoko tie the knot on New Year's Day

Actor Okada Yoshinori and actress Tabata Tomoko have tied the knot on New Year's Day.

Okada and Tabata began dating after starring in the stage play "Warai no Machi" in 2011. In a fax statement sent to media outlets, the couple announced, "At this time, we would like to announce that Okada Yoshinori and Tabata Tomoko have married on January 1." They expressed, "It's been about six and a half years since we started dating. We've had many twists and turns, but we are here now thanks to the help and support of many people." To their fans, they wrote, "We are still very immature, but we hope to put our strength together to build a happy family. Please continue to warmly watch over the two of us."

Yoshiki Risa & Wada Masato Tie The Knot

Yoshiki Risa & Wada Masato tie the knot

Yoshiki Risa has announced that she and actor Wada Masato have tied the knot on November 22.

Through her agency, Yoshiki announced, "While dating, I strongly started to feel that I wanted to walk my life together with him. Moreover, Wada-san is a senpai I respect. With his warm personality, I felt that we would be able to build a family full of smiles.

Wedding Ceremony Of Princess Mako To Be Held On Nov. 4 Next Year

Wedding ceremony of Princess Mako to be held on Nov. 4 next year

The Imperial Household Agency said Wednesday the wedding ceremony of Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, and her classmate from university days Kei Komuro will be held on Nov. 4 next year.

The 83-year-old emperor and Empress Michiko are expected to attend the ceremony at Tokyo's Imperial Hotel, according to agency sources. The emperor is set to abdicate in the spring of 2019.

Exile Usa Ties The Knot With Sugi Arisa

EXILE USA ties the knot with Sugi Arisa

EXILE USA (EXILE, DANCE EARTH PARTY) announced that he has tied the knot with actress/model Sugi Arisa on October 22. 

After putting an end to his activities as an EXILE performer in late 2015, USA has been active in the project DANCE EARTH. On EXILE's official website, he wrote, "I was assured that I would be able to build a fun family with this person. I made my resolve to spend the rest of my life walking towards the future together.