Wedding At Senmaida

Japanese wedding coupleIshikawa, Senmaida rice filed is one of the most beautiful view rice filed in Japan and each year two lucky couples will be drawn from a nation-wide lottery to have their wedding ceremony take a place at Senmaida rice filed in September.

Wedding Reception

Traditional Japanese wedding receptionThe usual procedures in traditional Japanese wedding receptions have a go-between introduce the bridegroom, bride and their family backgrounds. A Japanese wedding reception is a colorful affair, particularly with young friends of the bride attending in beautiful "Kimono".

Here the married sister of the bride is wearing a tomesode kimono.

Japanese Wedding

Traditional Japanese WeddingTraditional Japanese weddings involve many ceremonies and traditions. Although in modern Japan many of these are now disappearing, they still exist and can be seen around Japan.

Spring and autumn are the favourite seasons for Japanese weddings. On certain days, which are considered auspicious in the Japanese almanac, there may be as many as forty couples united in Japanese weddings at a Shinto shrine .

Nagoya Castle May Double Wedding Chapel

Nagoya Castle may double as wedding chapelDie-hard history buffs may scowl, and the samurai warlords may be rolling in their graves, but Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura seems to think opening Nagoya Castle to the public for use as a wedding hall may be a match made in heaven in a financial sense.

The proposal was made late last month by an assembly member as a means to rejuvenate the city.