Who Needs Cake At A Big, Fat Tuna Wedding?

Who needs cake at a big, fat tuna wedding?A cake-cutting ceremony at a wedding could become a thing of the past.
Guests at a wedding reception held in a hotel in Osaka in March got a surprise when two men clad in festive "happi" coats entered the room carrying a 40-kilogram tuna after the toast.

Yasuda Misako Holds Her Wedding Ceremony

Yasuda Misako holds her wedding ceremonyYasuda Misako and husband, designer Shimotori Naoyuki held their wedding ceremony and reception in Tokyo.
About 240 people were in attendance, including Kumada Yoko, Natsukawa Jun, and Kobayashi Sari. Yasuda showed everyone her blissful smile, wearing a beautiful pure white wedding dress.

Kato Natsuki Holds Her Wedding Ceremony

Kato Natsuki holds her wedding ceremonyActress & model Kato Natsuki updated her blog and announced that she recently held her wedding ceremony.
Kato registered her marriage with a non-celebrity man last June. In her blog, she started off by saying, "We held our wedding ceremony the other day~ We were finally able to hold it after registering our marriage on June 6 of last year."

Goto Maki Shows Off Her Wedding Ring

Goto Maki shows off her wedding ringFormer Morning Musume member Goto Maki updated her official blog and revealed a photo of her wedding ring.
Goto got married to a non-celebrity man on July 22 of last year and recently held her wedding ceremony on February 22. She stated that the ring she had been wearing was a ring she received while the two were dating and not a wedding ring.

Japanese Floral Printed Bridal Ball Gowns

Japanese Floral Printed Bridal Ball GownsThese terrific bridal ball gowns are tremendously excellent in their exclusive stylish grace. From excellent floral beauties both in printed patterns and stitching art, these marvelously gorgeous bridal dresses are bedecked.

Sato Eriko Announces Her Marriage And Pregnancy

Sato Eriko announces her marriage and pregnancyTalento Sato Eriko (33) announced her marriage and pregnancy on her blog.
According to Sato, her husband is a 45-year-old non-celebrity man.
Sato started the blog post with, "I, Sato Eriko's real name is no longer Sato. I recently registered my marriage with someone who I have been dating, and been engaged to." She continued, "I am carrying a new life in my stomach. Both I and my husband really really wanted to have a child, and our wish came true."

Anne And Higashide Masahiro To Get Married On New Year's Day

Anne and Higashide Masahiro to get married on New Year's DayActress Anne (28) and actor Higashide Masahiro (26) are getting ready to tie the knot on New Year's Day.
The two played the role of husband and wife in NHK's drama series 'Gochisousan' which ended its broadcast this past March. They immediately kicked it off on set as they had similar interests. Their relationship was first reported in January, and sources say that they've been living together since summer.