Ioc Bach: Prep For 2020 Tokyo Games Going Well

IOC Bach: Prep for 2020 Tokyo games going well

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach says preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games appear to be going well and that he hopes to visit disaster-hit Fukushima in northeastern Japan.

Bach gave an exclusive interview to NHK in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2 years ahead of the opening of the Tokyo Olympics on July 24th, 2020.

Gmail On Android Gets Nudges Feature As Well

Gmail On Android Gets Nudges Feature As Well

It not uncommon for us to actually forget about replying to an email, particularly if we tend to receive a lot of emails on a daily basis. Google recently introduced some changes to Gmail which will help to remind users that they have emails they need to reply to. It will do that by nudging them through highlighting emails that might need a response. This feature was initially rolled out to Gmail on the web and it’s now rolling out to Gmail for Android.

Google has kept the nudging feature on by default for all users if they have the new Gmail experience enabled. They can turn it off if they want from the Gmail settings menu.

Zte Could Lose Its Android License As Well

ZTE Could Lose Its Android License As Well

ZTE’s smartphone plans have been jeopardized in a major way by the latest ban placed by the United States Department of Commerce. The department has banned companies based in the United States from selling components to ZTE as a result of the Chinese company violating the terms of a sanctions violation case. While this will prevent ZTE from sourcing processors from Qualcomm, it may also lead to the company losing its Android license.

ZTE was initially accused by bypassing U.S. sanctions on Iran back in 2016. Even though it’s a China-based company, ZTE was found to be using multiple shell companies to sell U.S. technology to Iran. ZTE paid $890 million in fines and penalties aside from promising to fire four senior employees and reprimanding 35 others.

Entry-level Google Pixel With Android Go Rumored As Well

Entry-Level Google Pixel With Android Go Rumored As Well

Google has launched two iterations of its Pixel smartphones and both have been aimed at the premium segment of the market. If recent reports are to be believed, the company is going to complete the Pixel smartphone lineup this year with new models. A report last week claimed that there’s going to be a mid-range Pixel smartphone later this year and now a new rumor out of China claims that there’s even going to be an entry-level Google Pixel smartphone that will be powered by Android Go.

It was first reported last week that Google is developing a mid-range Pixel smartphone for price-sensitive markets like India where it will launch the handset to gain market share in the lucrative mid-range segment.

The Mie Prefectural Government And A Teamaker Have Teamed To Offer Something For The Well-heeled To Wash Them Down With

The Mie prefectural government and a teamaker have teamed to offer something for the well-heeled to wash them down with

TSU, Mie Prefecture--In a nation filled with expensive fruit and food gifts, the Mie prefectural government and a teamaker have teamed to offer something for the well-heeled to wash them down with.

Ise Kabuse, a 720-millilter bottle of tea priced at 23,000 yen ($210), excluding tax, will be sold from February by the Maruha Teas Co.

Ea To Bring More Games Onto The Switch If Fifa 18 Does Well

EA To Bring More Games Onto The Switch If FIFA 18 Does Well

The Nintendo Switch has a fair number of games at the moment, and so far it seems like Nintendo has managed to land themselves some pretty decent titles as well, but of course having big publishers and developers create game for the Switch is always a welcome prospect, and that could soon be the case with EA.

In a recent interview with EDGE, EA"s executive vice president Patrick Soderlund suggested that the publisher could be thinking of bringing more games from EA's catalogue onto the Switch, although it seems that this will largely hinge on how well FIFA 18 does on the platform, which is expected to be released towards the end of next month.

Silver Playstation 4 Slim Launched As Well

Silver PlayStation 4 Slim Launched As Well

We started hearing rumors about a week ago that Sony will soon start selling the PlayStation 4 Slim in gold. Sony officially announced today that the gold PS4 Slim was a limited edition console and that it will go on sale next week. That’s not the only limited edition unit that the company has created. Sony has now launched the PlayStation 4 Slim in silver as well.

The silver PlayStation 4 Slim color variant is going to join the existing lineup later this month. Like its gold counterpart, the silver PS4 Slim is great for folks who want to make a metallic statement with their gaming console.

Nes Classic Discontinued In Europe As Well

NES Classic Discontinued In Europe As Well

Nintendo announced the NES Classic mini-console prior to the holiday season last year. It may have underestimated just how popular it would turn out to be as the company had quite a job on its hands throughout the holiday season as it struggled to meet demands. Hundreds of thousands of units of the NES Classic were sold across the globe but it appears that the mini-console’s time has come. Nintendo has discontinued the NES Classic in Europe as well. It did the same thing in the United States just a few days back.

It hasn’t been long since Nintendo pulled the NES Classic from its website as well as from retailers across the country. Just four days later, it has done the same thing in Europe.