13-year Old Makes A Powerbank For His Brother Who Couldn't Afford One

13-Year Old Makes A Powerbank For His Brother Who Couldn't Afford One

Technology can be expensive, which is why companies such as Xiaomi are thriving where they are creating products for very affordable prices that would have otherwise cost a lot more. However, even then there are some situations in which there are people who can’t even afford certain things.

Such is the case over in Malaysia where a touching story was shared on Twitter in which the person wrote how his younger brother, a 13-year old student, made a DIY powerbank for him because he could not afford to buy one for himself. According to the translated tweet, “I said to my little brother, “I want to buy a powerbank but I haven’t gotten my pay yet.” Look what he made for me😭 A handmade powerbank 😭 I’m really gratedul to have a little brother like him 😭 Later I’ll buy you McD as promised 😭”

A 2002 Honda Accord With 6k Miles For People Who Say They Don't Make ‘em Like They Used To

A 2002 Honda Accord With 6k Miles For People Who Say They Don't Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Modern vehicles are loaded with safety features and for the majority of motorists, a simple hatch or crossover can tick most, if not all boxes. However, what if you're in the market for a car priced under $15,000 but don't want something new nor a used vehicle with heaps of miles on it? You could take a look at this 2002 Honda Accord Coupe.

Percentage Of Japanese Who Smoke Hits New Low

Percentage of Japanese who smoke hits new low

A survey by Japan's health ministry has found that the percent of people in the country who smoke has fallen to new lows.

Last November, the ministry asked about 6,500 men and women across the country who were at least 20 years old about their smoking habits.

Board Members Who Earned 100 Million Yen Or More Exceeded 500

Board members who earned 100 million yen or more exceeded 500

The number of board members whose compensation totaled 100 million yen (about $902,000) or more among listed companies whose fiscal year ends in March exceeded 500 for the first time in the latest fiscal year.

The total number stood at 538, up 72 from the fiscal year that ended in March 2017, credit research agency Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd. reported on July 2.

Nintendo Reportedly Banning Players Who Hacked Their Switches

Nintendo Reportedly Banning Players Who Hacked Their Switches

Consoles these days are harder to hack than before, although in recent times we have been hearing reports of users who have successfully hacked their Nintendo Switch console. However if hacking your Switch is something you might be interested in, you should probably think twice.

This is because it appears that Nintendo is going after hackers of the Switch and banning them from their online services. It is unclear as to how many players have been affected, but at least one hacker, Shiny Quagsire, has been banned. For those unfamiliar, Shiny Quagsire is a prominent member in the Switch homebrew scene.

Who Plans To Pick Up A Xperia Xz2 Or Xz2 Compact? [poll]

Who plans to pick up a Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact? [Poll]

By now you have probably formed an opinion on the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact. Judging by the comments we have received, you broadly fall into two camps. You are either comfortable with Sony's new design direction and absence of headphone jack, and look optimistically to the future. Or, on the other hand, you find the design uninspiring, can't believe Sony has abandoned its headphone jack, and believe Sony is doomed in the smartphone space.

Honda Civic Type R Vs. Type R: When Real Races Virtual, Who Wins?

Honda Civic Type R vs. Type R: When real races virtual, who wins?

This one's for the armchair Alonsos. How close is a real, metal 2018 Civic Type R compared to its digital representation in Forza Motorsport 7? How closely does a virtual Road Atlanta match the actual racetrack? Can a skilled driver beat another, while one of them drives a real car and the other plays a videogame?

In R vs R, Honda has pitched IndyCar driver Graham Rahal against pro gamer Peter "the SLAPtrain" Jeakins. In this very entertaining short video, both drive the Civic Type R that's closest to their profession, and the lap times come close. Very close. But you'll have to watch the above clip to see just how well the drivers are matched.

Tashirojima, Japan Is Home To Some 200 Cats Who Live Alongside Human Residents

Tashirojima, Japan is home to some 200 cats who live alongside human residents

ISHINOMAKI, Miyagi -- Here kitty, kitty! Visitors to Tashirojima Island here will have no trouble finding the fluffy winter coats of the feline inhabitants.

Often called "cat island," Tashirojima, whose perimeter is 11 kilometers, is home to some 200 cats who live alongside human residents, and are no stranger to tourists from both inside and outside of Japan. On a day in mid-December last year, this cat-loving reporter made a visit to the island and its furry citizens.

Seizo Fukumoto, The Man Who Dies For A Living

Seizo Fukumoto, the man who dies for a livingSeizo Fukumoto has supported the production of samurai period dramas at Toei Co.'s studio in Kyoto for more than half a century. He is a kirare-yaku — an actor who specializes in being slashed at the hands of heroes. Dubbed "the man slashed 50,000 times," Fukumoto, now 74, still appears in films to this day.

Fukumoto was a movie extra when he was young, playing bit parts such as passersby and litter carriers, while also doing stunts.

Creative And Inspiring 'trophy City' Campaign Showcases 10th-generation Honda Accord

Creative and Inspiring 'Trophy City' Campaign Showcases 10th-Generation Honda Accord and All Who Refuse to Rest on Their Laurels

As America's best-selling car for over 41 years, the Honda Accord has earned its share of trophies. Now, the all-new from the ground up 10th-generation 2018 all-new Accord makes its debut in a creative marketing campaign, "Trophy City," highlighting Honda's mission to push beyond past success in pursuit of even greater achievements.

In the imaginative "Trophy City," metal trophy figures representing human accomplishments in sports, academics, music, science and other endeavors come to life to recognize and encourage those who push the limits and refuse to rest on their laurels.

Who Is Having Issues With Xperia Z5 Android 7.1.1 Update?

Who is having issues with Xperia Z5 Android 7.1.1 update?


We have been receiving a number of reports from owners of the Xperia Z5 range (including the Xperia Z3+ and Z4 Tablet), complaining about the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat firmware update (32.4.A.0.160). Users are reporting about sluggish performance with the new update, including high temperatures, crashes and reboots.