Kobe Aquarium Provides A Warm Welcome For Winter Visitors

Kobe aquarium provides a warm welcome for winter visitorsThe city-run Suma Aqualife Park puts on an especially warm welcome for visitors during winter.
The facility, in the city's Suma Ward, provides a “kotatsu” heated table covered with a futon for visitors to keep their legs and feet warm while they view fish and other marine creatures.

Pickled Chinese Cabbage, A Daily Treat To Keep You Going All Winter

Pickled Chinese cabbage, a daily treat to keep you going all winterCooking expert Yoshiharu Doi advocates a simple style of eating: a bowl of rice, miso soup with a heap of ingredients, plus pickled vegetables such as Chinese cabbage.
“At home, when we serve rice balls, miso soup and pickled vegetables to our guests, they eat lots of them, commenting how tasty they are,” he says happily.

Sony: Rigs Mechanized Combat League: Winter Season Update

Sony: RIGS Mechanized Combat League: Winter Season UpdateExciting news for all you RIGS pilots out there: tomorrow, December 20, we’ll be kicking off the Winter Season Update!
Our plan is to drop content throughout the winter, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of mechanized combat action to keep you warm through the holidays!
The Winter Season starts on December 20 with the opening of the first European stadium in the Mechanized Combat League, located in Zurich, Switzerland.

5 Key Steps To Staying Safe In Winter Driving

5 key steps to staying safe in winter drivingIt was the first big snowfall of the season and I was out driving on the freeway when it happened. I had been traveling carefully, unsure that my little sedan would be able to keep traction as the snow kept piling up, when a large SUV came flying out of nowhere, attempting to pass me as if the roads were dry. Just as the SUV had gotten ahead of me, the driver lost control. The vehicle spun wildly for a few seconds and then crashed horrifically into the median with a sickening crunch.

Mt. Fuji’s White Winter Crown Makes An Early Appearance

Mt. Fuji’s white winter crown makes an early appearanceMount Fuji is sporting a new winter hat earlier than usual this year, as the first snow has settled on its peak 16 days ahead of last year’s equivalent date, the city here reported Sept. 25.
However, the first snow of the season to cover the peak of Japan’s highest mountain could not be officially confirmed by the local meteorological observatory at the time of the city’s announcement.

Yokohama Iceguard Ig52c Winter Tire

Yokohama iceGUARD iG52c Winter TireCold weather rubber technology has come a long way in the past decade.
The amount of performance available in a modern winter tire is phenomenal. All the big players in the tire industry offer wholly capable solutions for virtually any vehicle when it comes to cold weather performance. Yokohama is one of those manufacturers.