Payout For Sterilization Victims Without Records

Payout for sterilization victims without records

An expert panel at Japan's health ministry has decided to grant lump-sum payments to 22 people concluded to have been forcibly sterilized without confirmatory records.

A law took effect in April to redress people who were forced, under the now-defunct Eugenic Protection Law, to lose their reproductive functions because of disabilities or medical conditions. Each person is eligible to receive 3.2 million yen, or nearly 30,000 dollars.

Xbox Boss Shows Camaraderie By Saying E3 Isn't As Good Without Sony's Presence

Xbox Boss Shows Camaraderie By Saying E3 Isn't As Good Without Sony's Presence

It’s no secret that as far as consoles are concerned, Microsoft and Sony are rivals with their Xbox and PlayStation platforms respectively. For years, both companies have enjoyed a healthy rivalry and it shows, especially this year where Xbox boss Phil Spencer showed his competition some camaraderie.

Speaking in an interview with Giant Bomb, Spencer was quoted as saying, “I wish Sony was here. E3 is not as good when they’re not here.” For those unfamiliar, Sony was not present at E3 2019. The company had confirmed back in 2018 that they would not be making an appearance at E3 this year.

Police: Spray Cans Emptied Without Risk Perception

Police: Spray cans emptied without risk perception

Police in Sapporo, northern Japan, say the manager of a real estate office where an explosion took place had emptied a large number of spray cans without being aware of the danger of doing so.

The blast on Sunday in Toyohira Ward completely destroyed a building that housed the office, and injured 42 people.

Asdf Fighters Enter Runway Without Clearance

ASDF fighters enter runway without clearance

Japan's transport ministry says 2 Air Self-Defense Force fighter jets wrongly entered a runway at Naha airport in Okinawa, southwestern Japan, as a passenger plane was approaching to land.

Transport safety authorities are investigating the incident, which they say could have led to an accident.

Nintendo Now Selling Cheaper Switch Bundle Without Dock

Nintendo Now Selling Cheaper Switch Bundle Without Dock

Nintendo’s hit console, the Nintendo Switch, has now become a bit more affordable. The company has started selling a cheaper Switch bundle in Japan which comes without the dock for TV. Referred to as “Switch 2nd Unit Set," it’s meant for customers who already have a Switch connected to the TV and thus don’t require an additional dock. It also works well for players who only want to use the console for handheld gaming.

Nintendo has priced this new bundle at 24,980 yen or $225 and it features the Switch console with two Joy-Con controllers and as many strap attachments. It offers savings of 5,000 yen or $45 compared to the normal Switch bundle. The company is only selling this bundle in Japan right now.

How To Free Storage Space On Android, Without Computers

How To Free Storage Space on Android, Without Computers

On Android, the result of maxing out your storage is the appearance of the annoying “insufficient storage available” notification. Freeing up your device’s storage usually involves plugging the device into your computer, where you can unload your photos and videos. In this tutorial, we will guide you through tips on how to seamlessly and wirelessly clean up storage space on your Android smartphone and tablet.

Before jumping into the third-party options, let’s take a look at what Android offers. Users can seamlessly check out how much storage capacity each file type captivates by heading up to the Storage section, located in the Settings menu. As you can see from the image posted below, the Storage feature offers a comprehensive list of what’s taking up space on your phone. That’s a great way to gain an initial impression of your phone’s storage before starting to erasing things.

You Can Now Play Games Without Installing Them On Android

You Can Now Play Games Without Installing Them On Android

Google is making it easier for Android users to discover new games. The company has said that in the last year, the number of Android users who installed a game from the Play Store has more than doubled. To make it even easier for users to discover new games or get the ones they love already, the company has now launched Google Play Instant. It will let users play games without having to install them first.

The announcement was made ahead of the Game Developers Conference which is due this week in San Francisco. Google Play Instant will let users just tap and try a game without downloading it first. They’ll be able to experience a demo of the game within the Play Store and thus quickly decide whether or not they want to download it.

Toyota Design Chief Sees A Future Without Mass-market Cars

Toyota design chief sees a future without mass-market cars

NAGOYA, Japan — As sharing services change car use and ownership, Toyota's new design chief believes that vehicles will shift toward either generic boxes on wheels for everyday use or ultra-luxury cars, wiping out the need for mass-market models. Simon Humphries, responsible for design at the automaker's Toyota and Lexus brands, said that fleets of electric, self-driving shuttle bus-like vehicles could one day eliminate the need for people to drive themselves around on a daily basis. This could one day make cars like its popular Camry and Corolla models obsolete. "On one side we're going to see this optimized (transport) system, but on the other side you're going to see a pure race car," Humphries, who last month became general manager of Toyota's advanced R&D and engineering company, told reporters in Nagoya. "There will be an emotional solution, and a practical solution. So maybe the story is that the middle ground is increasingly going to disappear." Toyota, one of the world's largest automakers which for years has focused on building reliable cars, is now also looking beyond personal-use vehicles to survive in an industry being transformed by the onslaught of electrification, automation and other new technologies. As automakers compete to come up with new, profitable transport services, Toyota last month showed a self-driving electric concept vehicle which can be used as buses, mobile shops or moving offices. Toyota plans to test these next-generation vehicles in the early 2020s. The ability for cars to drive themselves in the future, along with the development of electric cars, will be a game-changer for vehicle design, Humphries said, as it will eliminate the need for steering wheels, engines, petrol tanks and other traditional parts, enabling more flexibility to design vehicles that are more fit-for-purpose. "At the moment, everything in a car from a design point of view is based on a 100-year-old package — engine in the front, and a driver holding a steering wheel behind," he said. "When you don't have to hold a steering wheel, the world is your oyster." Reporting by Naomi Tajitsu

Sony Now Selling Glacier White Ps4 Pro Without Bundle

Sony Now Selling Glacier White PS4 Pro Without BundleSony unveiled a Destiny 2 bundle in July last year in which the title was bundled with a Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro. The company didn’t say at that time if it would ever sell the Glacier White PS4 Pro as a standalone product. The bundle was released in September 2017 when the game came out and since then it has not been possible to buy the console in that color without having to purchase the entire bundle. That changes today as Sony is finally going to sell the Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro as a standalone product.

The Destiny 2 bundle was the first opportunity that customers had to purchase the console in a color other than the original Jet Black. However, not everyone wanted the title or its expansion pass and hence they were unable to justify its purchase.