Runners Step Up To Starting Line Without Shoes

Runners step up to starting line without shoesMore than 250 competitors turned out on May 19 to run in what may be Japan's "ouchiest" footrace.

First held last year in Hanno, about 50 kilometers northwest of Tokyo, the Hadashi (barefoot) Marathon is the brainchild of lead organizer Tsuyoshi Yoshino, who said that the real technology are the athletes themselves, not fancy running shoes.

Hitachi Drives Pm Motor At Low Speed Without Position Sensor

Hitachi Drives PM Motor at Low Speed Without Position SensorHitachi developed a technology that enables to quickly start a permanent-magnet (brushless DC) motor and drive it with a high torque without using a position sensor.

With the new technology, it becomes possible to eliminate the need for a position sensor used for a permanent-magnet motor, enabling to reduce motor size and simplify installation and maintenance. Also, because the technology enables to quickly generate a high torque, it can be applied to conveyor belts, elevating machines, etc.

Soccer: Japan Without Honda, Nagatomo For World Cup Qualifier

Soccer: Japan without Honda, Nagatomo for World Cup qualifierJapan will be without CSKA Moscow midfielder Keisuke Honda and Inter Milan defender Yuto Nagatomo for its World Cup qualifying match against Jordan at Amman on March 26.

Nagatomo is recovering from a knee injury. CSKA Moscow said Honda is unfit, but has not elaborated on the specifics of his condition.

Yaskawa Electric Makes Ev Motor Without Neodymium

Yaskawa Electric Makes EV Motor Without NeodymiumYaskawa Electric Corp developed a motor that is for driving electric vehicles (EVs) and does not use neodymium.

The company ensured a performance and dimensions equivalent to those of a motor using neodymium by optimizing the shapes and positions of magnet, motor core, etc.

Tokyo Skytree Starts Selling Tickets Without Advance Reservations

Tokyo Skytree starts selling tickets without advance reservationsThe operator of Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest broadcast tower at 634 meters, on Wednesday started selling same-day tickets.

Tobu Tower Skytree Co. said it will sell some 10,000 tickets a day at 2,500 yen and will distribute numbered tickets with a specified time for pickup if queuing time exceeds one hour. The tickets permit access to the 350-meter observation deck, but visitors need to purchase another ticket to reach the 450-meter deck.

Fuji Xerox Prototypes E-paper Without Using Color Filter

Fuji Xerox Prototypes E-paper Without Using Color FilterFuji Xerox showed an electrophoretic type electronic paper (e-paper) that realizes color display without using a color filter on the opening day of SID 2012, which runs from June 3 to 8, 2012, in Boston, the US.

Because the e-paper does not use a color filter, it can realize a brighter and more vivid display, the company said (thesis number 8.4).

Hitachi Develops High-efficiency Motor Without Using Neodymium

Hitachi Develops High-efficiency Motor Without Using NeodymiumHitachi and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems co-developed a permanent magnet synchronous motor with an efficiency of 93% without using a neodymium (Nd-Fe-B) magnet, which contains a rare-earth material.

The efficiency of the motor is equivalent to "IE4," which is the highest rank in the motor energy efficiency guidelines of the "IEC60034-31" international standard. The motor has an output power of 11kW and is targeted at industrial motors such as of large fans for sending air and fluid pumps.