Honda Associate Honored As Leading Woman In Manufacturing

Honda Associate Honored as Leading Woman in ManufacturingJan Gansheimer, who has worked in a number of key manufacturing roles during her career at Honda in Ohio, was honored Thursday, April 21 at the 2016 STEP Ahead Awards in Washington, D.C., for her work to advance the footprint of women in the manufacturing industry.

Kiritani Mirei To Play 65-year-old Woman In Drama 'sumika Sumire'

Kiritani Mirei to play 65-year-old woman in drama 'Sumika Sumire'Actress Kiritani Mirei will star in TV Asahi's Friday night drama "Sumika Sumire" starting in January.
The drama is based on Takanashi Mitsuba's popular manga series of the same title. Kiritani will play the role of a 65-year-old woman named 'Sumi' who has never experienced love in her life. One day, she turns back into a 20-year-old college student. She relives her youth going by the name 'Sumire'.

A Woman's Place Is In The Sumo Ring

A woman's place is in the sumo ringThe teenage girl remembers how much fun it was to beat boys who were much bigger than her. And now she is fanatical about fighting.
Manaho Nozaki's first taste of sumo wrestling was when she defeated the boys in her first year of elementary school.

The Woman Behind The Warrior Legends

The woman behind the warrior legendsLust for a woman rather than the clashing of steel swords laid the foundation for a samurai clan that has endured since the Warring States period.
When the powerful warlord Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582) took a fancy to a lady called Kitsuno he was about to sow the seeds of the Ikoma military family, who would rule the area now known as Konan in Aichi Prefecture.

Tokyo Pr Woman

Tokyo PR WomanRena Misaki ([Mizuki Yamamoto]]) works at a bank. She lacks self-confidence. Because of a reason, she begins working for a PR company and her boss is Kusakabe (Yusuke Yamamoto). As she struggles to work under her new boss, Rena Misaki grows as a person.