Japanese Workers Down On Economy

Japanese workers down on economy

A Japanese government survey says business sentiment among workers fell in June for the second month in a row.

The Economy Watchers Survey was released on Monday. It questioned some 2,000 workers on the state of the economy.

Workers Using Sheets To Cover Quake-damaged Roofs

Workers using sheets to cover quake-damaged roofs

Workers in the quake-hit city of Tsuruoka are using plastic sheets to cover roofs that were damaged by Tuesday's powerful temblor in northern Japan.

A number of homes in the city's Koiwagawa district lost roof tiles in the quake. They developed ceiling leaks when rains pounded the area on Wednesday.

Tepco Told To Secure Safety For Foreign Workers

TEPCO told to secure safety for foreign workers

Japan's labor ministry has requested the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to carefully manage the safety of foreigners hired for decommissioning work.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, announced last month that it plans to allow foreigners to work at the facility through Japan's new visa program.

Unusual Workers Staff Restaurants Over Holidays

Unusual workers staff restaurants over holidays

With workers in short supply over the spring holiday period, one restaurant chain is turning to an unusual solution to staff its outlets -- having managers and clerical workers serve customers.

The chain, called Kisuke and based in the northeastern prefecture of Miyagi, operates14 outlets and specializes in grilled beef tongue, a local favorite.

Tepco To Accept Foreign Workers At Fukushima Plant

TEPCO to accept foreign workers at Fukushima plant

The operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant says it will accept foreign workers hired under Japan's new visa program for work to decommission the facility.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, says it reported the decision at a meeting in late March to dozens of companies carrying out the decommissioning. The firm had not permitted foreign trainees to take part in the work.

Govt. Approves Bill To Vet Disabled Workers

Govt. approves bill to vet disabled workers

Japan's government has approved a bill that will require central and local government offices to thoroughly screen people with disabilities before hiring them.

The Cabinet decided revisions to the law that promotes the employment of people with disabilities on Tuesday.

City Workers In Koka Going Ninja

City workers in Koka going ninja

Civil servants in western Japan are working in ninja outfits to promote their city.

The employees at the Koka city office began wearing the costumes on Monday to promote Ninja Day on Friday, February 22. The city is one of the birthplaces of ninjas.

Workers Begin Repairing Kansai Airport Bridge

Workers begin repairing Kansai Airport bridge

Repair workers have begun attaching girders to the damaged bridge linking Kansai Airport in Osaka Bay and the mainland.

The road-rail bridge was damaged when a tanker drifted into it during a powerful typhoon in the area last September.

City Workers Take Path Of Ninja To Get Edge As Tourism Draw

City workers take path of ninja to get edge as tourism draw

KOKA, Shiga Prefecture--Fourteen municipal government employees descended upon a ninja experience facility here to learn to throw "shuriken" star-shaped daggers, as well as climb castle walls.

The special trip in mid-December, led by Kaoru Kurata, the mayor of Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, was part of the Ikeda Koka ninja group project, which was launched seven months ago at the initiative of the Ikeda municipal government to turn the city into a ninja hub.

Japan Govt. Approves Steps For Foreign Workers

Japan govt. approves steps for foreign workers

The Japanese government has approved a set of policy measures to make it easier for foreigners to live and work in Japan.

The package approved Tuesday is in line with a revised immigration law set to take effect in April marking a major policy change. Residential status now available only to high-skilled workers will become available to a much wider range of lower-skilled workers.

Draft Measures To Help Foreign Workers Released

Draft measures to help foreign workers released

Japan's government has compiled a set of draft measures aimed at making it easier for more foreigners to live and work in the country.

The draft was drawn up in line with the revised immigration law, designed to allow more foreigners to work in Japan starting next April.

100 Support Centers For Foreign Workers To Open

100 support centers for foreign workers to open

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has revealed that the government plans to open about 100 support centers for foreign workers across Japan.

This will be part of comprehensive measures the country intends to draw up by the yearend, ahead of the implementation in April of the newly passed law to bring in more foreign workers.

Program To Bring In More Foreign Workers Drafted

Program to bring in more foreign workers drafted

The Japanese government is drawing up a draft of policies for a new system that will enable more foreign nationals to find employment in Japan.

The revised immigration law which takes effect in April of next year will permit more foreign workers to enter the country. The government plans to provide a full picture of how the new program works before the end of this year.