Background Checks For Nuclear Workers

Background checks for nuclear workersThe operators of nuclear power plants in Japan are to start background checks on facility workers next year as part of terrorism prevention efforts.
The Nuclear Regulation Authority decided to introduce the security regulation at a meeting on Wednesday.

Tepco : Accident Info Was Not Shared Among Workers

TEPCO : Accident info was not shared among workersA survey by the operator of the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant shows that information on a cooling system at one of the reactors was not shared by plant workers at the time of the 2011 accident.

Crowdsourcing Workers Joining Hands To Improve Job Conditions

Crowdsourcing workers joining hands to improve job conditionsPrograms to stabilize and increase earnings for "crowdsourcing" workers and improve their skills are starting in Japan.
Combining "crowd" and "outsourcing," crowdsourcing is a way of obtaining services from a crowd of people, usually online. It is attracting people wishing to work at home when it suits them, such as housewives raising children.

Workers Moving Hirosaki Castle Tower 70 Meters Sideways For Repairs

Workers moving Hirosaki Castle tower 70 meters sideways for repairsThe tower of a castle here built during the early Edo period is being shifted by some 70 meters for repair work on the castle's stone walls.
Workers began the process of moving the tenshu tower of Hirosaki Castle on Sept. 3, marking the first time in about 100 years that such work is being done without first dismantling the tower itself.

Robotic Suits Give Construction Workers A Power Surge

Robotic suits give construction workers a power surge     He might be 52, but construction worker Akimichi Takada is finding it easier to carry heavy loads--thanks to a robotic power suit.
The “HAL for Labor Support” robotic suit is worn around the waist and equipped with motor-driven arms to assist workers who have to frequently bend their knees and bodies to lift and carry weighty materials.

Asano Thanks Film Industry Co-workers For Top Acting Prize For 'my Man'

Asano thanks film industry co-workers for top acting prize for 'My Man'Actor Tadanobu Asano credited the enthusiasm of his co-workers for his recent award in Moscow for his role in the film "My Man."
“I am happy to be recognized by people from different countries through the film festival,” the 40-year-old said at a June 30 news conference in Tokyo, two days after receiving the top prize at the 36th Moscow International Film Festival.