Supreme Court Says Lay Judge System Working Well

Supreme Court says lay judge system working well

Japan's Supreme Court has released a report saying that the lay judge system has largely worked well since it was launched a decade ago.

The system, which will mark its 10th anniversary next Tuesday, has so far handled 12,000 cases, with about 90,000 citizens taking part as lay judges.

Japan's Working Age Population Hits Record Low

Japan's working age population hits record low

Latest data show that Japanese society continues to gray, with the percentage of the population of working age tying a record low.

The Internal Affairs Ministry estimates that the total population, including foreign residents, stood at about 126.4 million as of last October.

Toyota Reportedly Working On Second-generation 86

Toyota reportedly working on second-generation 86

There's stronger confirmation that earlier reports of the Toyota 86's demise were premature. Autocar got confirmation from Toyota's European marketing boss that the company is planning a second generation of the 2+2 rear-wheel drive coupe, which is known as the GT86 in Europe, in concert with Subaru.

We presume that holds true for the U.S. as well; Autoblog sought confirmation from Toyota. It jibes with an earlier report in which both automakers refuted a Japanese outlet's assertion that the 86 and the Subaru BRZ would not see successor versions.

Nike's New Smart Sneakers Aren't Working With Android App

Nike's New Smart Sneakers Aren't Working With Android App

Nike launched its new Adapt BB smart sneakers a couple of weeks ago. These self-lacing shoes are cheaper than an earlier iteration from the apparel giant even though $350 is still a lot of money for shoes. It released apps for iOS and Android so that users could lace up the shoes using their phones but it turns out that an update released for the Android app has caused it to no longer work with the Adapt BB.

Owners who are affected by the issue say that neither the left or right shoe pairs with the Nike app. This means that they can no longer use the mobile app to automatically lace up their smart sneakers.

Suga: Japan Continues Working With Us On N.korea

Suga: Japan continues working with US on N.Korea

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says Japan will step up efforts to coordinate policies with the United States on the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea ahead of the second US-North Korea summit.

Suga told reporters on Wednesday that Japan sees the issue as a top priority. He said his country has been and will be working closely with the US.

Square Enix Reportedly Already Working On A Game For The Ps5

Square Enix Reportedly Already Working On A Game For The PS5

Image credit – Square Enix

Now we know that there will be a PlayStation 5. Sony had previously confirmed as much, although there is the question of when the console will be released (some believe it could be launched in 2019). Regardless of a release date, it appears that Square Enix could already be working on something for the console.

Nintendo Could Be Working On A New Zelda Game

Nintendo Could Be Working On A New Zelda Game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of the best-selling and best-reviewed games of 2017 when it was first released. We imagine that Nintendo would love to maintain that momentum, although the question is when can we expect a new Zelda title? The good news is that it looks like Nintendo could already be working on it.

Suga: Govt. Working To Avoid Iran Sanctions Impact

Suga: Govt. working to avoid Iran sanctions impact

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has refused to give details about communications between Japan and the United States on the new US sanctions against Iran.

The sanctions on Iranian oil exports come with temporary waivers for 8 of Iran's top oil buyers, including Japan, China and India.

Castlevania's Producer Could Be Working On 'the Legend Of Zelda' Animated Series

Castlevania's Producer Could Be Working On 'The Legend of Zelda' Animated Series

Most of the time video games that are adapted into movies or made into series don’t usually do well, but yet based on the reviews, Netflix’s Castlevania series seems to be extremely well-received, so much so that the series has been confirmed for a third season. Now it looks like the producer behind the series, Adi Shankar, could be working on another adaptation.