Suga: Abe Statue Would Be 'unacceptable'

Suga: Abe statue would be 'unacceptable'

Japan's top government spokesperson has expressed strong displeasure with a South Korean botanical garden for setting up a statue of a man kneeling in front of a girl statue symbolizing those referred to as comfort women.

The garden has explained to South Korean media that the male statue represents Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

Panel: Mt.fuji Ash Would Paralyze Tokyo

Panel: Mt.Fuji ash would paralyze Tokyo

A Japanese government panel says Tokyo would become unable to function as the country's capital in about three hours if a large-scale eruption of Mount Fuji were to occur.

When Mount Fuji last erupted in December 1707, it spewed ash for more than two weeks. Several centimeters accumulated in the city of Edo, which later became Tokyo.

Abe: Tokyo Lockdown Would Damage Japan Economy

Abe: Tokyo lockdown would damage Japan economy

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has warned that Japan's economy would be hard hit if Tokyo is locked down due to the coronavirus.

Abe made the comment in response to an opposition lawmaker's question about a recent spike in infections in the Japanese capital.

Hashimoto: End Of May Would Be Important For Ioc

Hashimoto: End of May would be important for IOC

Japan's Olympic and Paralympic minister says the end of May would be an important time for the International Olympic Committee in deciding whether to hold the 2020 games as planned, amid concerns over the new coronavirus outbreak.

An IOC member said last week that the decision on whether the games will go ahead could be put off until late May.

Would You Buy A Sony Xperia With A Hole-punch Display?

Would you buy a Sony Xperia with a hole-punch display?

Sony Xperia fans have been spared the monstrosity of displays with notches over the last couple of years. Sony thankfully rejected the use of a notch in their displays, favouring taller 21:9 displays with thinner bezels in recent handsets. A number of smartphone manufacturers have used notches over recent years, including the latest iPhone models, so we're glad Sony didn't follow the trend.