Why Would Anyone Spend $150k To Mod A Subaru Impreza?

Why Would Anyone Spend $150K To Mod A Subaru Impreza?

We understand that taking a regular car and turning it into a supercar killer is something a lot of petrolheads like. But sometimes, pouring a ton of money into a project car isn’t the best of ideas.

This Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS that stars in RegularCars’ latest video is a perfect example of when a project goes too far. The owner set out on a quest to get an engine out of a STI to make 400 horsepower and ended up blowing numerous motors. He then turned to the venerable, turbocharged 2JZ engine from the Toyota Supra and converted the Impreza to be rear-wheel drive only.

Would You Pay $20k For A Practically Brand New 1987 Mazda 626?

Would You Pay $20k For A Practically Brand New 1987 Mazda 626?

The third-generation Mazda 626 sold very well in Europe between 1982 and 1987, and this 5-door hatchback version was by far the most practical option in the range.

Now, somebody's trying to sell a 1987 facelifted example on cc-cars for no less than 129,000 DKK - which, at current exchange rates, amounts to around $20,000! The reason why they're asking so much is because the car has less than 1,000 km (621 miles) on the clock.

Adult Movie Star's Nissan Gt-r Would Kill It In Fast And Furious [w/videos]

Adult Movie Star's Nissan GT-R Would Kill It In Fast And Furious [w/Videos]

You might be tricked into thinking that this tuned Nissan GT-R is owned by a car guy that polishes it on weekends and considers it his baby.

However, you'd be wrong, because the young blonde woman that poses next to it in the videos that follow has her name written in the papers. She may look familiar to some, and you may blame it on two other stories that we covered last year.

What Would You Say To A Brown Lexus Lfa For $645k?

What Would You Say To A Brown Lexus LFA For $645k?

The Lexus LFA may be remembered as one of the last great naturally aspirated supercars. Unfortunately Toyota doesn't make them anymore, but they still pop up now and again on the used car market.

Most of them we've seen came in colors like orange, yellow, or white. But those are just a few of the 28 colors that were available as standard on the LFA.

Would You Miss The Headphone Jack If Sony Dropped It?

Would you miss the headphone jack if Sony dropped it?You probably haven’t been able to ignore the fact that today is iPhone 7 launch day, given how the media panders to Apple products. Since the iPhone 7 was formally announced, we have also seen endless coverage over Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack and whether that is a bold move, a premature move or a step too far for what remains one of the most ubiquitous forms of tech around.

Which Sinister Scion Fr-s Would You Buy?

Which sinister Scion FR-S would you buy?Look beyond the utility. Look beyond the amenities, the infotainment, the hidden storage cubbies, and the 72-way adjustable seats. Yes, even the seats. Outside all the fluff of today's cars, there's a blank canvas waiting for an artist; cars can really come alive with a few tastefully placed modifications. 

Toyota Would Prefer Uk To Stay In The Eu

Toyota Would Prefer UK To Stay In The EUUnited Kindom’s current situation regarding the European Union referendum cannot be overlooked by the major car manufacturers with plants on British soil.
One of them is Toyota and, though it dismissed fears over Britain’s possible withdrawal from Brussels, it wouldn't like a "Brexit".

Sony : What Ps2 Games Would You Like To See On The Ps4

Sony : What PS2 Games Would You Like To See On The PS4So the other day it was discovered and confirmed by Sony that PS2 backwards compatibility would be arriving on the PlayStation 4. Details of how this will work remain scarce, but so far it seems that they are testing some kind of emulation technology and details of how it will work are expected to be revealed later.