Sumo Wrestler Quits After Admitting Assault

Sumo wrestler quits after admitting assault

A professional sumo wrestler has retired from the sport after admitting to assaulting his attendant, a 23-year-old junior wrestler from the same stable.

The Japan Sumo Association said on Friday that it has accepted Takanoiwa's resignation.

Sumo Wrestler Tochinoshin Is Promoted To Ozeki

Sumo wrestler Tochinoshin is promoted to Ozeki

Sumo wrestler Tochinoshin has been promoted to Ozeki, the sport's second highest rank. He is the third wrestler from Europe and the first from Georgia to reach the rank.

The Japan Sumo Association officially decided on the promotion on Wednesday. The decision was conveyed to Tochinoshin and his stable master, Kasugano, in a ceremony.

Tochinoshin's Mom, Hometown Cheer On Sumo Wrestler

Tochinoshin's mom, hometown cheer on sumo wrestler

Family members and neighbors gathered at sumo wrestler Tochinoshin's home in Mtskheta, in the Republic of Georgia, to watch his final bout in the summer tournament on Sunday.

Tochinoshin has cemented his promotion to the ozeki rank with 13 wins and 2 losses.

Wrestler Born On Day Of Kobe Quake Aims To Make Impact

Wrestler born on day of Kobe quake aims to make impactAt the upcoming New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, a wrestler making his juryo-division debut has gained notice not so much for his age, but his birthday.
Newly promoted Terutsuyoshi was born on Awaji Island on Jan. 17, 1995 — the day the island was rocked by the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

Tongan Ex-wrestler Retains Sign Of Asahiyama Sumo Stable

Tongan ex-wrestler retains sign of Asahiyama sumo stableThe Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific is home to one of the more unusual stables in sumo, Japan's traditional national sport.
Without any wrestlers, and marked by a large wooden sign reading "Asahiyama-beya," the stable is home to Tevita Vaiola Falevai, 60, one of four Tongan men sent to Japan more than 40 years ago by king Taufa'ahau Tupou IV (1918-2006) in an ultimately unsuccessful bid to make sumo Tonga's second national sport after rugby.

Hairdressers Add Glamour To A Wrestler's Looks

Hairdressers add glamour to a wrestler's looksOnly yokozuna Hakuho's hairdresser knows for sure how difficult it is to arrange his topknot, before sending him out to do battle in the highest levels of sumo.

“Yokozunas always get closeups on TV, so we can’t mess up his hair. I feel nervous every day,” says Tokohachi, Hakuho's hairdresser.

Hairdressers such as Tokohachi, called "tokoyama," are a vital part of the sumo world.