Ps4, Nintendo Switch, And Xbox One Being Investigated For Consumer Rights Violation

PS4, Nintendo Switch, And Xbox One Being Investigated For Consumer Rights Violation

The PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One consoles and the companies that make them, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft respectively are now being investigated for consumer rights violation. The Competition and Markets Authority has announced that it has launched an investigation into numerous business practices exercised by these companies which may violate consumer rights.

The authority is responsible for preventing anti-competitive business activities in the United Kingdom. It has written to these three companies to seek information about their online gaming contracts. Its intentions for the investigation include ascertaining if the contract terms are fair. It will look at whether the auto-renewal process is fair or not and just how easy it is to cancel a pre-order or get a refund. Sony did make a change last week to its digital refund policy which made it easier for users to get refunds.

Microsoft Has No Plans To Launch Xbox Live Sdk On The Nintendo Switch

Microsoft Has No Plans To Launch Xbox Live SDK On The Nintendo Switch

Last week Microsoft brought its Xbox Live service to iOS and Android devices. This meant that developers who wanted to integrate Xbox Live into their iOS and Android games would be able to. There were rumors that this could be the start of something bigger and that it might even make its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

However it seems that will not be the case. According to journalist Russell Holly who attended Microsoft’s presentation at GDC 2019, Microsoft will not be bringing its Xbox Live SDK to the Nintendo Switch. If you’re a bit confused, we get where you’re coming from. Microsoft had recently announced that popular indie game Cuphead, which was previously exclusive to the console, would be coming to the Switch with Xbox Live in tow.

Xbox Live Now Available On Ios And Android

Xbox Live Now Available On iOS And Android

This comes in the form of a new SDK that developers can use to integrate Xbox Live functionality into their games. What this means is that gamers can expect to see more games take advantage of this for features such as crossplay and Xbox Live Achievements, especially if you are primarily an Xbox gamer and would prefer having it all in one place.

Speaking to The Verge, Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft’s gaming cloud chief said, “We believe so strongly in community, and Xbox Live really being at the heart of our gaming community. If you watch what we’ve done, especially with Minecraft, over the past few years we’ve taken Xbox Live to as many platforms as Minecraft is on as possible. Really uniting all those communities together with a consistent singular experience for those gamers.”

Fortnite Update Forces Xbox One And Ps4 Players To Fight Each Other

Fortnite Update Forces Xbox One And PS4 Players To Fight Each Other

The update will introduce crossplay matching between both consoles and players need to opt-in in order to play. If they don’t, then the game modes that they will be limited to will be Creative Mode and Playgrounds. According to Epic, the reason for this is, “Motivating factor is unlocking optimization potential allowing us to run more playlists during more hours of the day while supporting more data center locations. Please provide us with feedback on your experience!”

It’s actually a rather interesting approach as the debate on which console is better is still very much alive and well, and this forcing of Xbox gamers to fight against PlayStation gamers will go a long way in keeping that rivalry alive and well. It was late last year that Sony had finally allowed PS4 crossplay.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Arrives For Ps4 And Xbox One In March

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Arrives For PS4 And Xbox One In March

Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered is not a “new” title. Ubisoft had originally announced it as part of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Season Pass. However, the company has now decided to offer it as a standalone title. Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered will be available for purchase on its own for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month.

Ubisoft has also released a comparison trailer so that fans of the title can see what’s different in this version. Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered comes with 4K and HDR support in addition to “higher resolution textures, a new graphics engine and several other graphical enhancements.” It also gets improvements for gameplay mechanics and ergonomics.

Xbox One Reportedly Sold Half As Many Consoles As Ps4

Xbox One Reportedly Sold Half As Many Consoles As PS4

When it comes to announcing and sharing details about console sales, Sony and Nintendo aren’t too share to reveal those figures. Microsoft on the other hand has been somewhat mum on that for their own reasons, but it seems that there could be a reason why, and that is because the console might not be selling as well as the competition which could make Microsoft look bad.

According to video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad who works at Niko Partners, he claims that the global install base for the Xbox One is sitting at 41 million to date. That is an impressive figure, but when you consider that the PS4 has sold 91.6 million units to date, then it starts looking a lot less impressive than before.

Serious Sam Collection For Ps4, Xbox One Revealed By Esrb Rating

Serious Sam Collection For PS4, Xbox One Revealed By ESRB Rating

Several years ago, a Serious Sam Collection was released for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The game included Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam 3: BFE, and Serious Sam: Double D XXL. Now it appears that a new Serious Sam Collection could be in the works for the PS4 and Xbox One.

This was revealed by the ESRB who recently rated for the game and according to the description, “This is a collection of first-person shooters in which players battle aliens and monsters in frenetic combat. Players use pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and sledgehammers to kill numerous creatures. Large blood-splatter effects occur during combat.”

Playstation 4 Outsold The Xbox One And Switch Last Month

PlayStation 4 Outsold The Xbox One And Switch Last Month

Sony’s PlayStation has had a great run ever since it was first launched back in 2013. The console still continues to outsell its competition and this was the case in the month of October 2018 as well. The latest data from NPD Group shows that the PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch in terms of dollar and units sold last month.

The overall spending on gaming hardware was up 26 percent in October 2018 compared to last year. The industry firm noted significant gains in spending on both PS4 and Xbox One. Hardware spending has surged 19 percent so far this year with the PS4, Xbox One, and devices like the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition being the solid growth drivers.

Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Picks Up Backward Compatibility For Xbox One

Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Picks Up Backward Compatibility For Xbox One

The backward compatibility program for the Xbox One enables developers to bring their old titles to the current-gen console. Final Fantasy fans will be interested in knowing that the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy has picked up backward compatibility support for the Xbox One. Microsoft and Square Enix have confirmed that the three games will be making their way to the Xbox One.

The list of backward compatible titles has steadily grown over the past couple of years. There are now more than 500 Xbox 360 games that can be played on the Xbox One. 25 of those titles have been enhanced for the Xbox One X. Not only that, even 32 games released for the original Xbox are backward compatible with the current-gen console.

Espn+ Arrives On Ps4 And Xbox One

ESPN+ Arrives On PS4 And Xbox One

A new update has been released for the ESPN app on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which will enable console owners to subscribe to ESPN+ from the app. They will then be able to immediately watch additional live sports events, original shows, and series through the app. They will be able to access the entire 30 for 30 documentary series and more as well.

Sony Finally Allows Ps4 Fortnite Crossplay With Xbox And Switch

Sony Finally Allows PS4 Fortnite Crossplay With Xbox And Switch

Sony had blocked crossplay and progression for Fortnite on the PlayStation 4 when the popular battle royale title arrived on the console. This was obviously not appreciated by Fortnite fans who play the game on multiple consoles. This meant that they couldn’t access their progression, skins, and purchases made on the PS4 on another console like the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Sony is finally enabled PS4 Fortnite cross-play.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition Announced For Ps4 & Xbox One

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition Announced For PS4 & Xbox One

As far as indie games are concerned, Hollow Knight is one of the more popular titles that have been released to date. The game was originally released on the PC followed by Linux back in 2017, and a few months ago it was also announced for the Nintendo Switch. The good news is that if you are a PS4 or Xbox One gamer, it looks like the game will be headed onto both platforms as well.

Xbox Boss Responds To Sony's Comments On Cross-play

Xbox Boss Responds To Sony's Comments On Cross-Play

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The other day Sony’s CEO spoke about support for cross-play, in which he stated that he felt that Fortnite was best played on the PS4, which is why they have yet to enable cross-play support with other consoles like the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Turns out that Microsoft has something to say about that.