Hey! Hey! Hey! Ends Its 18 Years Of History

HEY! HEY! HEY! ends its 18 years of historyFuji TV’s music program “HEY! HEY! HEY!” on which the comedian duo Downtown served as the host, live broadcast their final episode with the title “Konna ni Waraeta Ongaku Bangumi wa Nakatta ze! Saigo no HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP“, and it was revealed the average audience rating reached 14.3% (in Kanto region according to Video Research).

Nissan Celebrates Two Years Of Leaf Sales With Announcement Of U.s. Battery Plant

Nissan Celebrates Two Years of LEAF Sales with Announcement of U.S. Battery PlantWith two years of Nissan LEAF sales just completed, the company today announced the launch of the United States’ largest lithium-ion automotive battery plant in Smyrna, Tenn. The facility – which is making battery components for the ramp-up of production of the all-electric, zero-emission 2013 Nissan LEAF early next year – is one of three of its kind in the world operated by a major automaker.

Toyota Prius 15 Years Of Innovation And Advanced Technology

Toyota Prius 15 Years Of Innovation And Advanced TechnologyToyota Prius turns 15 this month, celebrating the release of the first-generation petrol-electric hybrid car in Japan.

Launched with the tagline "Just in time for the 21st century", Prius has become the world's most popular hybrid car.

A decade and a half later, it is a true mass-market success with almost three million global sales.

15 Years Of The Toyota Prius

15 years of the Toyota PriusThe Toyota Prius hybrid is one of the world’s most technologically advanced and innovative cars, and when it was first launched 15 years ago this week it marked the start of a new car revolution.

The petrol-electric trailblazer went on sale in Japan on December 10th, 1997 with the tagline ‘just in time for the 21st century’.

Proudly Making Hondas In America For 30 Years

Proudly Making Hondas in America for 30 YearsAs we celebrate Honda's 30th year of making cars in the U.S., I am reminded of a story I was told by a Honda associate - that's what we call all our employees - at our auto plant in Alabama.

Whenever a new project began at his previous employer, he said that everyone received explicit instructions on how to do their jobs: "Here's how to build a forging line, follow this blueprint!" This associate told me he was very surprised when he received a new assignment at Honda and his instruction was simply: "Go to the Honda engine plant in Ohio and see what they have done. Then make sure this new one is better."

Toyota: Celebrating 20 Years Of Car Building In The Uk

Toyota: celebrating 20 years of car building in the UKIn December 1992, history was made when the first Toyota Carina E rolled off the line at our brand-new factory at Burnaston, in Derbyshire.

Twenty years on, it’s time to celebrate – but first we need your help as we begin our hunt for the oldest British built Carina E still on the road in the UK.

Fifty Years Of Racing At Suzuka

Fifty Years of Racing at SuzukaSince the early sixties Japanese racing fans have been drawn to Suzuka.

A legendary track, drivers say it is among the most technically difficult in the world.

The racing calendar means it often comes late in the Formula One season. So it is here that over the years many championships have been won … and lost.

Kiyoharu To Release His First Solo Album In 3 Years

Kiyoharu to release his first solo album in 3 yearsKiyoharu will be releasing a new solo album (currently untitled) on October 10th .

This will be his first solo album in about 3 years with his last being “madrigal of decadence” back in 2009. It’s said to include a total of 12 tracks including his already released singles “LAW’S“, “Ryusei“, “the sun“, and “Namida ga Afureru“.

Nissan Foundation Celebrates 20 Years Of Giving

Nissan Foundation Celebrates 20 Years of GivingThe Nissan Foundation awarded $655,000 in grants today to 26 nonprofit organizations from across the country during a special luncheon commemorating the institution's 20th anniversary. Located in California, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee and Texas, all of the organizations receiving grants in 2012 demonstrate a strong commitment to fostering cultural diversity in their local communities.

Toyota Publica Sports On Show After 50 Years

Toyota Publica Sports on show after 50 yearsA replica of a really cool concept classic sports car from 50 years ago is up and running thanks to the efforts of a group of die-hard fans.

It took about 30 people, including retired engineers of Toyota Motor Corp., five years and countless man hours to recreate the Publica Sports.