Young Entrepreneurs Win Scion Motivate Program

Young Entrepreneurs Win Scion Motivate ProgramScion announced today the 10 talented and passionate young entrepreneurs who each won a Scion vehicle, Scion accessories, $10,000 and career mentoring as part of the Motivate program. The winners include a nonprofit music program leader, documentary filmmaker and a graphic designer, reflecting the competitive program's focus on the creative arts community.

Scion Motivate Workshop To Support Young Entrepreneurs With Help From Industry Leaders

Scion Motivate Workshop to Support Young Entrepreneurs with Help from Industry LeadersSemi-finalists in Scion’s Motivate program will learn from other leading entrepreneurs in the creative community during a three-day workshop in Santa Monica, Calif. from March 13-15. Essential business skills and experiences will be shared by panelists and speakers, including Amy Cosper, vice president/editor-in-chief at Entrepreneur Media Inc., Ilya Pozin, entrepreneur and columnist for Inc. and Forbes, and Harley Finkelstein, entrepreneur and chief platform officer at the online retail platform Shopify.

Young Talents Show Their Street Smarts At Shibuya Fashion Festival

Young talents show their street smarts at Shibuya Fashion FestivalTokyo’s Shibuya district, always buzzing with the latest trends, became a fashion paradise when it hosted four shows during the 2013 spring-summer Tokyo Collection Week in October.

The second Shibuya Fashion Festival took place over a weekend, allowing crowds of fashion-minded young people to attend the event at Miyashita Park.

New Scion Program Motivate Offers Career Building Opportunity To Young, Self-starters In The Creative Community

New Scion Program Motivate Offers Career Building Opportunity to Young, Self-Starters in the Creative CommunityScion today launched its new program, Motivate, targeting young entrepreneurs in the creative arts community with chances to win a personal business mentor, $10,000 and a Scion vehicle to promote career success. Building on the recently launched Scion “What Moves You” brand campaign, applicants between the ages of 18 and 35 are invited to submit written responses and a 60-second video describing career passions and the resources needed to achieve their goals.

Toyota Helps Foster Young Automotive Designers

Toyota Helps Foster Young Automotive DesignersA revolutionary concept car designed to ease traffic congestion by operating on land or water has won a prestigious automotive industry design award sponsored by Toyota.

The Amphi-X concept, created by Monash University industrial design graduate Beichan Nan, is a vision for the year 2030 that suggests future cars should not be limited to driving on roads.

Nissan Launches Project To Encourage Young Brazilian Athletes

Nissan Launches Project to Encourage Young Brazilian AthletesNissan in Brazil has officially announced Nissan Team, a project designed to encourage young athletes focused on the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio 2016.

Reinforcing Nissan's commitment with Brazil, the project plays an important role in Nissan's objective to support Rio 2016. Nissan Team includes legacy programs to create positive long-term social impact and inclusive marketing programs with the goal to disseminate the Olympic experience to everyone in Brazil.

Station Stores Fight For Young Women's Attention

Station stores fight for young women's attentionLooking at the accounts of Lumine Co., it would be difficult to guess that the past decade has been a grim time for much of Japan's retail sector.

The company, which operates shopping malls attached to major train stations in the Tokyo area, has seen total sales rise every year since 1998, except for a brief hiatus due to the global economic crisis in 2008.