13 - Year Old Makes A Powerbank For His Brother Who Couldn't Afford One

13-Year Old Makes A Powerbank For His Brother Who Couldn't Afford One

Technology can be expensive, which is why companies such as Xiaomi are thriving where they are creating products for very affordable prices that would have otherwise cost a lot more. However, even then there are some situations in which there are people who can’t even afford certain things.

Such is the case over in Malaysia where a touching story was shared on Twitter in which the person wrote how his younger brother, a 13-year old student, made a DIY powerbank for him because he could not afford to buy one for himself. According to the translated tweet, “I said to my little brother, “I want to buy a powerbank but I haven’t gotten my pay yet.” Look what he made for me😭 A handmade powerbank 😭 I’m really gratedul to have a little brother like him 😭 Later I’ll buy you McD as promised 😭”

To those yang tertanya boleh charge ke. Inilah hasilnya adik saya cipta semalam 😁❤ Adik saya kata dia akan improve lagi powerbank ni 😬 Thankyou guys sebab support adik saya 😊❤ Semoga adik kalian akan membantu kalian juga 😊 pic.twitter.com/kEL7aXZy1m

— Aaoisora (@Goodensora) July 23, 2019

It is not exactly the cleanest DIY project we’ve seen, but it seems to work and that’s what counts. We’re also not sure how exactly the powerbank was made. Of course, how safe such as DIY powerbank is remains to be seen, but the actions of the younger brother are indeed very touching. It also goes to show how the teen seems to have a knack for electronics, and it could be something worth pursuing as he gets older.

Image credit – @Goodensora

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