A Closer Look At Sony Mobile Bravia Engine

A closer look at Sony Mobile BRAVIA EngineGuys,

I just wanted to flag something our good friends at Developer World pulled together yesterday – an in-depth explanation of Mobile BRAVIA Engine.

Mobile BRAVIA Engine is a signature Sony technology that comes locked and loaded in most Xperia smartphones.

Present in Sony BRAVIA televisions for  years arguably greater than my age, it is a high quality imaging engine that makes your snaps and videos stand out from the crowd!

Just as with Sony TVs, Mobile BRAVIA adds sharpness filters and noise reduction to display rich, beautiful content on your Xperia smartphone – contrast enhancement to ensure content is always easy-on-the-eye, colour management for deep and vivid colours, noise reduction for seamless video and sharpness filters to bring out every minute detail.

With Xperia smartphones, it's a piece of Sony magic in your pocket – to learn more about how it actually works, please check out the overview, video and image comparisons on Developer World!


VIDEO A closer look at Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine