Agc To Reduce By Six Times Annual Co2 Emissions In 2020 Through Energy - Saving, Energy - Creating Products

AGC to Reduce by Six Times Annual CO2 Emissions in 2020 through Energy-Saving, Energy-Creating ProductsAGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazuhiko Ishimura) announces that it will enable avoidance of as much as six times the AGC Group’s own annual CO2 emissions in 2020, through its energy-saving and energy-creating products.

The glass industry is energy intensive. Seriously acknowledging the environmental load of its own business activities, the AGC Group is working to reduce the impact on the environment through improvements to its manufacturing processes. At the same time, the Group develops, supplies, and distributes environmentally related products that contribute to energy conservation and creation to ensure that its contribution will outweigh its environmental impact.

To drive this initiative, the Group has established the following slogan.

Slogan for CO2 emissions avoided through environment-related products

The AGC Group, through its energy-saving and energy-creating products, will enable avoidance of over six times AGC Group’s own annual CO2 emissions in 2020.

The AGC Group forecasts its own annual CO2 emissions to be about 13 million tons in 2020, while the target for reducing CO2 emissions generated through its energy-saving & energy-creating products is 80 million tons, or six times the projected annual emissions of the Group, an amount equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of approximately 16 million households, or the CO2 emissions from 30 advanced LNG thermal power stations.

AGC also aims to increase the percentage of environmentally related products, including energy-saving & energy-creating products, within total sales to 30% by 2020.

AGC will contribute to solving environment and energy issues and build a sustainable society, through R&D efforts to improve its manufacturing processes and products that can meet the needs for energy-conservation and creation.