Agni Philosophy Final Fantasy Real Time Tech Demo

Agni Philosophy Final Fantasy Real Time Tech DemoSquare Enix has released Agni's Philosophy, a real time computer generated video based on the world of Final Fantasy.


"As for the significance of this video, there is something known as pre-rendered CG video. Compared to the originally generated CG video, this technology recreates CG video in real time without any embellishment whatsoever. "

With the advance of real time CG, Square Enix predicts that video will change to the extent that what has traditionally been perceived as a video game will seem like an actual world.

" Often used in commercials, pre-rendered CG video is a process in which a pre-computed CG image is burned to film and then made into a video. On the other hand with real time CG video, the computer generates each image frame by frame and instant by instant, so it requires a lot of computing power. In one second 30 image frames must be generated, so improving quality was a difficult ordeal, but with the increase in computer performance in recent years, it has come to the point where pre-rendered CG and real time CG are very close. Of course if only computing power is increased it is still difficult to create something realistic, but since we have a lot of expertise in this area, we have used it to our advantage."

By using real time CG, prior to constructing a building or interior, it is possible to confirm the results with a greater sense of reality than before. Square Enix says that real time CG technology can also be used in other fields of application such as automotive and health care.


VIDEO Agni Philosophy Final Fantasy Real Time Tech Demo