Alleged Footage Shows Marvel Vs Capcom 3 On The Nintendo Switch

Alleged Footage Shows Marvel VS Capcom 3 On The Nintendo Switch

If you're looking forward to playing more arcade-style fighting games on the Nintendo Switch, you might be interested in a recent leak. In footage that has found its way online, it shows Marvel VS Capcom 3 being run on the Switch. Given that Capcom hasn't made any kind of official announcement, it is unclear as to how legit the video is.

However what is making the video particularly compelling is the fact that there are correct button prompts, and the game's icon is even shown at the end when the game is closed and exits to the Switch's home screen. It is possible that all of this could be an elaborate fake, especially given today's modern tools, but would Marvel VS Capcom 3 for the Switch really be out of the question?

The game was originally released back in 2011 and this wouldn’t be the first time that Capcom is bringing older titles onto the Switch. Previously the company had released Ultra Street Fighter II for the Switch, which they claimed was a "smash hit", so we wouldn’t be surprised if they were looking to bring other titles to the platform as well.

However why exactly Marvel VS Capcom 3 instead of Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite is anyone’s guess, but until we hear an official confirmation or denial, be sure to take it with a grain of salt for now.

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