Amazon Gets Re - Stocked With Sony Ps4?s, Upgrades Various Standard Pre - Orders To Launch Editions

Amazon gets re-stocked with Sony PS4?s, upgrades various standard pre-orders to launch editionsOnline retailers like Amazon sold out of their PS4 launch day editions in an alarming pace–people were snatching them up like proverbial hotcakes. Soon after the ‘Zon introduced launch day bundles which included a PS4 console an a select game–Battlefield 4, Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack or Watch Dogs–and some also included a year of PS Plus to boot. Like their predecessors the console-and-game bundles sold out fast as well.
Then came the standard edition pre-order of the PS4, which still secures you a console, but there’s no launch day guarantee. Thanks to a recent surge in stock straight from Sony’s assembly line, Amazon has been able to upgrade various standard edition pre-orders to launch editions, spreading joyous exultation to more than a few gamers who believed they were going to miss out on the day one action. Users that get upgraded should get a notification by e-mail, so be sure to check your inbox.