Amazon Launches Its 'internet' Lightweight Android Browser

Amazon Launches Its 'Internet' Lightweight Android Browser

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Our smartphones come with browsers built into them. With Google there is Chrome and with Apple there is Safari, but at the same time there are plenty of third-party options out there for those who don't mind exploring a bit. There is Firefox, Opera, Edge, and so on, but it looks like the latest browser comes from an unlikely candidate – Amazon.

Yup, Amazon has recently launched their own smartphone browser for Android called "Internet". This is a browser that Amazon is claiming to be fast, lite, and private, and with it only weighing 3MB in download size, we suppose they could be onto something. "Lite" apps are gaining popularity these days, especially in emerging markets where internet might be slow and data is limited.

This is pretty much the market that Amazon is aiming because right now, the app seems to be only available to those living in India. It is unclear why Amazon suddenly launched this browser. After all the company already has its own "Silk" browser which can be found on its Fire Android tablets, but as TNW points out, it could be part of a larger strategy for Amazon in the future.

No word on whether "Internet" will eventually find its way to more markets, so we’ll just have to wait and see. However even if it does, TNW’s quick review of the app reveals that there’s nothing particularly compelling about it, at least nothing thatwould make users switch.

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