Analyst Firm Predicts The Sony Ps4 Will Conquer The Next - Gen Market

Analyst firm predicts the Sony PS4 will conquer the next-gen marketAnalyst firm DFC Intelligence announces that Sony’s next-gen PS4 saw the largest launch in console history, and also makes predictions that the Japanese-built system will lead sales charts.

When Sony announced sales figures for the PS4, gamers witnessed a monumental stride in the industry. The Japanese console-maker had sold more than 2.1 million units across Europe and North America in the first two weeks of each region’s respective launch, making the PS4 the current record holder of the biggest console launch in history.

Almost half of that figure–1 million units–was sold in North America in the first 24-hour period alone, and Sony has kept up with the unprecedented demand by churning their factories at full pelt.

Sony has currently gained the crown of next-gen predominance, and the firm of DFC Intelligence makes predictions that this won’t change any time soon–they believe the PS4 is projected to stay atop Microsoft’s Xbox One and lead console sales.

According to DFC, the PS4?s current stance in the gaming market is an indication that it will conquer the next-gen market for some time, and perhaps even keep the top spot for the entirety of this generation.