Android Pie Cloud Backups Will Receive Additional Protection

Android Pie Cloud Backups Will Receive Additional Protection

Google wants to provide additional protection for your Android device backups so it has put in place a new measure to make that happen. This will be implemented with Android 9 Pie going forward. Google has announced that the cloud backup data on Pie will receive additional encryption through a Titan security module that’s located on one of its servers.

“By combining Android’s Backup Service and Google Cloud’s Titan Technology, Android has taken additional steps to securing users’ data while maintaining their privacy,” Google says.

With Pie, devices will be able to take advantages of this capability where backed up data can only be decrypted with a key that’s randomly generated by client. In simple words, that means the decryption key is only known by the user because it’s what they use for the device’s lockscreen – PIN, password or pattern.

This presents a problem for those who have relatively simple lock screen passwords, and quite a lot of people have them actually. Google has thought of this as well. The company says that the Titan chip is going to permanently block access to the data if a malicious user tries to gain access by punching in several different combinations in a bid to guess the passcode.

There aren’t a lot of apps that use cloud backups so the advantage of this functionality may not be felt immediately. Moreover, Google hasn’t confirmed as yet which phones will be able to use this additional layer of security as well.

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