Apple Music Support For Android Tablets Now Exits Beta

Apple Music Support For Android Tablets Now Exits Beta

Designing apps for tablets is not as easy as you might think. Tablets have a larger display which means that you can’t just scale up an app for smartphones and stuff it into a tablet. However due to the way we interact with our tablets, you can’t design a UI that you would normally use on a laptop or desktop computer either.

Now Apple has been working on an Android tablet UI for its Apple Music service for a while now, and the good news is that it is finally out of beta. This means that if you did not participate in the beta before that, you should be able to look forward to the new UI in the latest update to the Apple Music app.

According to Apple’s changelog, “Now enjoy Apple Music with an improved experience designed for a wider range of Android devices, including tablets. This update also includes various app and performance improvements.” It has been a long time coming considering how long ago the service was launched, but better late than never.

It is unclear as to how successful Apple Music subscriptions are on Android devices. Typically Android users choose Android for a reason, and with plenty of non-Apple music streaming services out there, it would be illuminating to see how well it is doing on Android. The latest update should already be live so head on over to the Google Play Store to get your hands on it.

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