Apple's Homepod Could Soon Be Headed To France, Germany, Japan

Apple's HomePod Could Soon Be Headed To France, Germany, Japan

Apple's HomePod was launched not too long ago, but its initial launch was limited to a handful of markets which was an interesting choice given that Apple typically releases its products worldwide usually at the same time. However the good news is that if you live in France, Germany, or Japan, you could be getting the HomePod soon.

This is according to a support document (via 9to5Mac) spotted on Apple's website in which it listed the HomePod's available audio sources. Based on the list, it seems that Japanese, French, and German was part of that list, suggesting that the HomePod could be close to launching in those countries.

At the moment the HomePod is only available in the US, UK, and Australia. Apple did previously state that the HomePod would support France and Germany this spring, so if anything this document seems to confirm that it is on its way. It is possible that the HomePod’s release isn’t a worldwide release due to Siri and the fact that Apple would need it to support all kinds of languages.

In any case we suppose only time will tell if Japan, France, and Germany are the HomePod’s next markets, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more info.

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