Astronaut Yui Hopes To Go To Asteroid Or Mars

Astronaut Yui hopes to go to asteroid or MarsA Japanese astronaut who recently returned from the International Space Station says he wants to go to an asteroid or Mars.
Kimiya Yui stayed on board the ISS for about 5 months and returned to Earth last December. He spoke to NHK on Wednesday after coming back to Japan from the rehabilitation program in the United States and Russia.

Yui said he wants to go to a place from where Earth is just a point of light, like a star. He said he would need to go to an asteroid or Mars to enjoy that kind of view.

Yui said such a journey would be a difficult international mission.

He expressed hope that Japan will play a significant role in development of the next-generation manned spaceship, so an astronaut from the country will be selected for such a mission.