Baysun To Launch Li - Ion Battery Module With Battery Monitoring System

Baysun to Launch Li-ion Battery Module With Battery Monitoring SystemBaysun Co Ltd announced that it has developed a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery module equipped with a battery monitoring system (BMS) capable of showing remaining battery level and preventing overcharge.

Baysun will release the module, "Arca MD1400," at the end of March 2012. Its capacity and voltage are 1.4kWh and 24V, respectively. The module contains seven 200Wh (56Ah) cells connected in series and is cooled by natural air convection.

Its price is ¥380,000 (approx US$4,847). The company plans to sell 1,000 units of the module per year.

Because the Arca MD1400 comes with the BMS, it can be easily used for various devices and systems, Baysun said. With the module, the company aims to replace (1) the electricity storage units of street lamps powered by renewable energies such as solar and wind powers, (2) the power supplies of automatic guided vehicles and cars designed for senior people and (3) 24V lead-acid batteries.

Also, the company expects that the module can be used as an experimental electricity storage module for developing energy systems as well as a power supply for developing 24V battery chargers and inverters.

The BMS, which was developed by Baysun, features a function to estimate remaining battery level with high accuracy and a double protection function against overcharge and short circuit. Furthermore, it can equalize voltages between cells.

The module measures approximately 350 x 305 x 132mm and weighs about 15kg. Its rated voltage and capacity are 25.9V and 56Ah, respectively. Its maximum continuous discharge current is 33A (0.6C), and its maximum continuous charge current is 27.5A (0.5C). The operating temperature of the module is -5 to + 45°C for charging and -20 to + 6o°C for discharging.