Canon Eos M6 Could Be Announced Soon

Canon EOS M6 Could Be Announced SoonLast year Canon launched the EOS M5, the company’s latest mirrorless efforts. While Canon isn’t exactly new to the mirrorless scene, the EOS M5 represented a new direction for the company in which they seemed to be taking their mirrorless cameras more seriously. The good news is that if you wanted to see what else Canon is up to, you might not have to wait long.

According to a report from Nokishita Camera, it seems that Canon is working on the EOS M6 that will apparently be announced soon. Details of the camera are scarce and according to the report, what we know about the device is that it will come in black or silver, offer up a 15-45 mm lens kit or an 18-150 mm lens kit, and that’s about it.
We can only assume that in terms of design it will probably be similar to the EOS M5, or if there are some changes it will be minor at best. Alternatively the EOS M6 could represent a separate lineup of mirrorless cameras for Canon, especially since the EOS M5 was only launched just last year, but then again if that were the case, a different name would be less confusing.
In any case take it with a grain of salt, but if you’re a Canon fan and want to see how the company’s mirrorless efforts are progressing, check back with us in the near future for the details.