Canon Sees Potential For A Professional - Grade Eos M Camera

Canon Sees Potential For A Professional-Grade EOS M CameraRecently Canon launched their latest mirrorless camera in the form of the EOS M6. So far Canon’s mirrorless efforts have been largely focused on consumers, so the question is could Canon some day launch a mirrorless EOS M camera system that could be aimed at the professional market?

Speaking in an interview with DPreview, the company’s execs revealed that a professional-grade EOS M camera is possible. When asked, “Do you think there could be a professional-level EOS M model sometime in the future?”, they replied by saying, “Obviously we think it could be possible, there is a potential, but we do not want to put a time frame on that.”
Basically Canon thinks it’s possible but maybe this isn’t something that we should expect anytime soon. So far Sony has been kind of leading the charge when it comes to professional mirrorless systems. The company’s full-frame A7 series of mirrorless cameras have been pretty well-received with quite a few industry professionals opting to ditch their DSLRs for the mirrorless system.
Recently Fujifilm also expressed their opinion that the next-generation mirrorless cameras could have the potential to beat DSLRs, which also means that mirrorless systems could soon replace DSLRs inside the bags of professionals, so if Canon doesn’t want to be late to the party, let’s hope that they already have something in mind.