Casio Big And Bold G - Shock Watch Gd - X6900fb Features Gel Materials To Cushion Shock

Casio big and bold G-Shock watch GD-X6900FB features gel materials to cushion shockCasio announced today the release of the latest new addition to its G-SHOCKline; the GD-X6900FB.The GD-X6900FB features a big body that takes the individuality of G-SHOCK watches one step beyond with a shape that practically explodes with presence.

The GD-X6900FB comes in four models: black with a glossy finish and gold accents, white with a chic dark watchface, and skeleton gray with silver accents or gold accents. The accents are applied to metal finish parts such as the watch face, side buttons, and screws. Both models have a stylish design that is sure to influence street fashion. The translucent materials used in the skeleton gray model reveal the shock-resistant gel material on the back of the bezel to emphasize the rugged construction.