Casio Offers The Perfect Entertainment Additions For New Homes This Spring

Casio Offers The Perfect Entertainment Additions For New Homes This SpringSpring is here and home buyers are flooding the market in search of that perfect house that they can call their own. Whether consumers are looking to invest in a big house or a small apartment, Casio America, Inc.'s portfolio of electronic musical instruments and LampFree® projectors are excellent options to consider when looking for ways to customize a new home and create an amplified entertainment experience.

“Casio knows that potential homeowners are increasingly interested in built-in and added-on technologies for their home to enhance the overall entertainment experience,” saidYuji Sasajima, CEO of Casio America, Inc. “With this in mind, Casio strives to provide high-quality products for budget-friendly home upgrades. Casio’s SLIM projectors and line of digital pianos are the perfect home entertainment additions as they offer features for every person in the family.”

Amplifying the Home Theater Experience
Whether consumers prefer to be on the edge of their seats during intense sports games or desire a true movie theater experience in the comfort of their own home, Casio offers homeowners and movie-buffs alike a first-class upgrade to their home theater with its SLIM series of projectors. Weighing in at just five pounds, Casio’s SLIM projectors are only 1.7 inches thick, require little-to-no setup time and provide projection at maximum brightness in as few as five seconds allowing for a truly immersive experience. The SLIM series of LampFree projectors also features Casio’s proprietary LASER & LED HYBRID Light Source, which combines a laser, a fluorescent element, and LEDs to eliminate the use of mercury and generate high brightness. Casio’s SLIM projectors offer an estimated 20,000 hours lifespan with minimal brightness degradation and continuous operation, which far outshines that of conventional projectors that require mercury lamp replacements. Each model is fitted with a fully connectable interface, including three types of video and audio inputs, as well as HDMI, RGB and RS-232C terminals.

Bringing the Power of Music Home
A fresh coat of paint can certainly add to the ambiance in a new home, but a beautifully crafted piano can boost the aesthetics of any space by serving as the perfect accent piece, as well as an entertainment hub for family and guests alike. Casio’s new groundbreaking digital pianos - the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500BP and GP-300 - are designed to combine the advantages of digital technology with the traditional sound and feel of acoustic pianos to deliver an experience like that of a grand piano in a compact design.

Casio’s new AiR Sound Source flawlessly recreates the complex sound of an acoustic piano in every aspect, including sympathetic string resonance, damper resonance, and key-off response. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid pianos also feature a new Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard, delivering an authentic grand piano hammer movement. Both the GP-500BP and GP-300 feature a Grand Acoustic System that represents the sound of a grand piano as it emanates from above and below the soundboard. The multi-channel amplification system creates an immersive sound field like that of a 9-foot concert grand for both the player and audience, allowing consumers to create unforgettable memories.