Casio Sports Watch Stb - 1000 Checks Personal Fitness Data From Popular Mobile Apps

Casio sports watch STB-1000 checks personal fitness data from popular mobile appsCasio announced today the release of an exciting new sports watch. The STB-1000 uses wireless technology to enable the wearer to check personal fitness data from popular mobile apps and operate a music player on an iPhone.
Casio has now extended iPhone compatibility, enabled through Bluetooth v4.0, to the sports watch category with the new STB-1000. It is compatible with four iPhone fitness apps: Abvio’s Runmeter, Walkmeter, and Cyclemeter, as well as Wahoo Fitness, all available for download from the Apple App Store. The sports watch can be used to check personal fitness data such as running pace and distance, elapsed time, pulse, cycling speed, and pedal rotations.