Ceatec 2014 : Fujitsu Image Sensor Recognizes Patient Status

CEATEC 2014 : Fujitsu Image Sensor Recognizes Patient Status There is nothing quite like having technology do its bit for society and the world at large. Fujitsu has had its fair share of innovations over at this year’s edition of CEATEC, and one of the technologies developed could prove to be rather revolutionary when it comes to recognizing a patient’s status through the use of an image sensor.
With this particular device, a hospital or healthcare organization will be able to visualize as well as share a patient’s particular movements so that relevant action can be taken as and when the situation arises.
How does it work? A near-infrared image sensor that is outfitted with a LED light will send all of its readings over to a nearby processing unit that handles all of the image analysis. After the relevant amount of analysis is done, it will arrive at several possible conclusions – that the patient is sleeping, sitting up, or getting out, where nurses can then be notified for the more critical cases.